Friday, March 21, 2014

MP Nathan Cullen to turn focus to finance in shadow cabinet shuffle

Nathan Cullen, the NDP Member of Parliament for Skeena- Bulkley Valley will be taking up new duties in the House of Commons when Parliament resumes on Monday, as Mr. Cullen takes on the high profile Finance critics position for the NDP.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair made the shuffle on Thursday, shifting Mr. Cullen from his House Leadership duties to Finance, where he will keep watch over the new Conservative Finance Minister Joe Oliver's financial blue print moving forward.

The first reactions from the new finance critic came by way of Mr. Cullen's twitter feed and facebook page.

Mr. Cullen was among six NDP MP's to change or take up duties as part of their shadow cabinet assignments as part of the shuffle, the full review of the NDP shuffle can be found here.

As he takes up his new duties in the House, a sample of what the Finance Minister may be in store for can be found from Mr. Cullen's reaction to the recent Conservative Budget of February, which he described as delivering on a "do nothing promise."

News coverage of the shadow cabinet shuffle generally found much to like about Mr. Cullen's shift to the critic's post for finance. With some suggesting that unshackling the Northwest BC MP from the stifling task of House leader, will provide the NDP with the opportunity to have one of their more forecful speakers direct his attention to the Conservative financial plan. NDP shuffles its shadow cabinet to face new finance minister
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You can review some of our past items on Mr. Cullen's work in Ottawa from our archive page.

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