Monday, March 24, 2014

One more time to the bargaining table for CN, Teamsters Rail Canada

Maybe it will be third time's the charm.

After members of the Teamsters' Canada Rail Conference  rejected the latest of agreements that CN and their union came up with, the two sides have returned to the bargaining table for one final time, a last, last ditch effort to cobble together a deal.

Over the weekend, the two sides announced that they would give it all one more try, with the understanding that a failure to come to an agreement will lead to a binding arbitration session to settle the outstanding issues.

The announcement of the return to discussions was posted to the CN Rail website, but not as of Sunday to that of the Teamsters Rail Conference.

Two previous agreements were rejected by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, the main concerns continue to reflect issues on contract language and hours of work.

Toronto Sun-- CN Rail, union resume negotiations to avert strike
Huffington Post-- CN Rail, Union to Give Talks One more chance

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