Monday, March 24, 2014

NDP MP seeks public support to stop Canada Post cuts

The efforts to save Canada Post services across Canada have come the Northwest, as NDP MP Nathan Cullen launched a household campaign this past week to try and secure public support for the cause.

Arriving in mailboxes over the last week was a household mailer from the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley seeking the support of Northwest residents to send a message to the Conservative government regarding the proposed changes to Canada's mail delivery system.

Residents are invited to sign on with the NDP in their plan to "save mail service in Canada" by filling out the card in their mail and returning it to Mr. Cullen c/o the House of Commons.

That reply of course comes with no postage required, as all mail delivered to MP's from across Canada is delivered free of charge.

A small bit of irony perhaps, considering the struggles that the Post Office has in meeting its financial targets.

The campaign to reverse the cuts proposed by Canada Post began in January with a number of high profile protests and information campaigns taking place.

So far the movement to save Postal Services has found support at the municipal level in Smithers. With that community's Town Council tackling the issue, having received a presentation from the Postal Union CUPW.

Smithers Council recently issued a letter of support in the bid to stop the proposed changes from the Post Office.

Smithers Town Council to send Letters Opposing Speculated Canada Post Service Cuts
Canadian Postal Workers Union Warns Smithers Town Council of Potential Service Cuts

Prince Rupert City Council has not, as of yet, received any delegations from the post office or postal union, nor have they discussed the issue in Council sessions.

More on the NDP campaign on postal service cuts can be found here.

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