Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vancouver Aquarium offers opportunity to learn more on the whales of the North Coast

Last week we outlined how a  You Tube video of a close encounter with some travelling whales went viral, offering a view of some of the ocean based drama that plays out just off the coast of Prince Rupert.

The video attracted much in the way of national media attention and for many, both nationally and locally offered up a fairly intense look at how the species interact as they travel off the coast.

This week North Coast residents have the opportunity to learn more about the marine life that passes by the city each day.

Wednesday evening, the North Coast Initiative of the Vancouver Aquarium offers a multi-media presentation that will highlight the natural history of the species that travel the North coast waters.

Caitlin Birdsall will provide the the background on the theme, making use of video, acoustic recordings and photos to offer up a helpful guide to some of the marine life that calls the North Coast home.

The free information session is called Flippers and Flukes in your backyard: The whales, dolphins and porpoises of the North Coast. It takes place at the Prince Rupert campus of Northwest Community College on Wednesday evening at 7:30.

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