Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two Mayors, a CEO, some background singers and the Prince Rupert pitch

Lights, Camera, Action... the British Columbia Government has debuted a new video presentation outlining the current status of the economy for the North Coast.

The video is part of the ongoing series of vignettes in the Gateway to Prosperity series that the Ministry of Transportation has developed.

The review of economic developments on the north coast is one which features close ups for Mayor Jack Mussallem of Prince Rupert and Mayor Dave McDonald of Port Edward, as both review the economic prospects for the community.

As well as the two local politicians, the presentation also features a string of local workers and business owners who offer up their testimonials to changing times for the region.

The main attraction however, would appear to be Prince Rupert Port Authority President and CEO Don Krusel, who as head of the engine that is driving the local economy, outlines some the past impressions of the city and where the city and region is heading.

You can review the presentation below.


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