Friday, March 14, 2014

Northwest Institute takes the Northern Gateway debate to your mailbox

By now most residents of Prince Rupert have probably received a mailer from the Northwest Institute, the latest dispatch in the flow of paper that examines the controversial pipeline project of Northern British Columbia.

With the title of "Radically Different Conclusions" the project from the environmental group that is based in Smithers, offers up a critical review of a number of topics from the recent Joint Review Panel hearings.

Among the points of review in the household mailer, a comparison between the positions of the British Columbia Government and that of the Joint Review panel; looking at such things as the nature of bitumen, oil spill response, Geological hazard and long term spill effects.

The Institute also offers up a look at insurance implications should it come to any required clean up and the impact of toxic spills and vessel traffic on the Pacific Humpback Whale.

The pamphlet for the most part follows many of the themes found on the Northwest Institute website.

For those that may have inadvertently delivered their home copy to the recycle bin already (we imagine that the Institute approves of recycling ) an online version of it is available here.

For more information on the Joint Review Panel and the Enbridge discussion see our archive on the topic here.

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