Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stewart looks for a share of LNG opportunity

And we have yet another entrant into the LNG Race of the Northwest, with word of a group known as the Canada Stewart Energy Group joining the listings of the hopefuls,  which this week outlined their plans to ship LNG out of the most northern point of coastal British Columbia .

There's is a proposal that appears to have flown a little under the radar in recent months, as the wave of giant multinational proposals for Kitimat and Prince Rupert gobbled up the bulk of the media attention.

However, a look at their timeline, suggests that they've been working on the Stewart proposal since late last year. With a fairly major step taking place in the last seven days.

Wednesday, Canada Stewart Energy Group Ltd. submitted a natural gas export license application with the National Energy Board, seeking a 25 year export licence

A proposal, which outlines their plans for floating and land-based natural gas liquefaction plants, along with LNG storage and marine loading facilities.  They suggest that their targeted annual capacity would be 5 million tonnes on the floating vessel and 25 million tonnes a year from five land-based facilities.

In addition to the terminal proposal for Stewart,  a joint venture company is expected to build a new 800 kilometer long pipeline to support he project.

Judging by the focus of their material, the target destination for any LNG shipments out of Stewart appear to receiving terminals located in China.

Natural Gas Development Minister Rich Coleman welcomed the latest proponent of LNG development into the mix, outlining the nature of their proposal in a media release from Thursday.

You can learn a bit more a out their proposal from the Canada Stewart Entergy Group website, which provides a bit of background on their plans and the path they have planned to move it forward.

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