Thursday, March 13, 2014

Council takes Graham Avenue Condo project to public comment phase

On Monday night, Prince Rupert City Council had its second look at the proposed condo development for the west side of the city, putting in motion the process to take the project to the public comment phase at the March 24th Council session.

As we outlined on the blog in February, Kevin Newton and Don Scott introduced their concept of a high end housing development directed towards seniors and those with mobility issues, looking to the far end of Graham Avenue, overlooking the BC Ferries terminal as their site.

Monday, Mr. Newton provided further background to council on the proposed development known as Prince Rupert Living Concepts, distributing a prospectus on the project and answering the questions of City Council members.

The project would appear to have the universal support of Council members, the only concerns over the last two weeks, any possible property tax implications for neighbours and the process of taking the project to public comment.

That theme was one that Councillor Ashley introduced, offering concern that if slotted into the March 24th session, the night could be a long one for council should the project prove to be controversial for Graham Avenue residents.

Towards that issue, City Manager Robert Long advised that should public interest be high on the proposed project. Council could always suspend the public hearing on that night and take it to a larger public forum on a different night.

You can review Monday's full discussion on the project from the City Council Video Archive, the Graham Avenue proposal is reviewed at the fifty two minute mark.

We have more background on Council developments to be found on our City Council Discussion points archive.

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