Monday, March 24, 2014

BCTF takes its contract message to the public

With their spring break convention now over, the province's teachers have outlined five quick facts about any potential job action, should their negotiations with the provincial government not find common ground.

The BCTF outlined their five points by way of a web page released this weekend.

Among the key items of review for the public: the stages any potential job disruption may take and the requirement of another province wide vote before any full-scale job action is taken.

The BCTF also offered up some thoughts for parents as to how they could become involved in the dispute, suggesting that parents consult with their children's teachers about the supports that they need to help students succeed.

They also recommended that parent's speak out about their experiences in public schools and how things could be better.  As well as urging parents to talk to relatives and friends about the importance of an agreement that is fair for teachers and one that will provide better support for students.

The BCTF also points to a couple of Internet locations for more information, recommending that parents review the information found on

In addition to that website,  they suggest that parent's make use of a number of BCTF social media platforms for updates and more background from the BCTF point of view.

With such social media sites as the BCTF facebook page, Twitter feed and You Tube portal highlighted as worth a visit.

You can review more of the BCTF talking points from this media release.

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