Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Watching, Week ending March 16, 2014

As part of a weekly feature on the blog, every Sunday we offer up this weeks recap of the top five items viewed over the course of the last seven days.

Included in the countdown, we will provide links to the articles in question, offering up with one click of the mouse, those items of the week that you may have missed.

This week, by one of the widest of margins since we started tracking the weekly high points of blog readership, the Rainmakers story provided for the largest surge in readership.

Not a surprising thing as the Charles Hays team rattled off wins on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on their way to Saturday's championship game.

An indication of the high interest in their run and reflecting in part, the absence of much in the way of news on the tournament from local media sources.

A good number of our week of review of both the Rainmakers and Queen Charlotte Saints could have snared all top five spots, so we have just highlighted the tournament archive page as the main source of all things Tournament

All of that attention however, did provide an opening for some new readers to perhaps discover many of our other features, with a fair amount of traffic delivered to a number of items from the week.

While not attracting quite the same amount of readers as the Rainmakers items, those taking the time to explore further found our recap of the Fraser Institutes's review of elementary schools of interest.

As well, the other major survey of the week, that of the Moneysense magazine rankings of Canadian communities, attracted readers curious to learn more of where the survey had Prince Rupert listed compared to those communities that Moneysense declared tops.

The introduction to the Legislature of the City of Prince Rupert's recent study into ferry cuts found more than a few curious readers.

While wrapping up the last seven days, was the news of late Friday of upcoming Open Houses from the BG Group. Sessions to provide further information on their proposed LNG plant and the ongoing environmental assessment of it.

Kicking off the review, our top item of the week:

Tournament Time in Langley, as AAA and AAAA Provincials get underway -- Our archive of all things basketball for this week was far and away the most popular feature on the blog, as North Coast and Haida Gwaii readers looked for information on the provincial tournament (posted March 11, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Prince Rupert drops further down the Moneysense ratings in 2014 -- The annual review of the Canadian financial magazine provided some interesting data for those inclined to read it, as they crunched their numbers, listing Prince Rupert at  195 out of 201 communities in 2014 ( posted March 13, 2014 )

Fraser Institute releases Annual Elementary School Ratings -- It appears to have been survey week for the North Coast, as the Fraser Institute released its annual review of  elementary schools in the province, posting the results for the city's Independent and Public schools (posted March 10, 2014)

City of Prince Rupert's Ferry Study highlighted in Legislature debate on Ferry Cuts -- The Opposition NDP found much of interest in the recent study on the impact of Ferry cuts to northern and coastal British Columbia, sharing their reading material with the Liberal Government in the Legislature this week  (posted March 12, 2014)

BG Group sets April dates for Open Houses on Environmental Assessment -- One of the proponents of an LNG terminal for the North Coast delivered word of two Open Houses for April, with the BG Group hosting the sessions on April 2nd and 3rd.  (posted March 14, 2014)

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