Friday, March 21, 2014

European LNG importer assessing plans for North Coast

When it comes to LNG development, most of the focus on investment on the North Coast has been focused on the Asian energy giants, as alliances are created and plans reviewed.

Now, it would appear that another European company and a major one at that, is taking a look at its options with an eye towards a potential terminal development on the North Coast.

On Thursday, the Financial Post outlined that GDF Suez UK, Europe's largest importer of LNG is examining the prospects for shipping Natural Gas from Western Canada to European markets, targeting British Columbia's northern coast for their potential terminal project.

GDF Suez is listed as the Number one European company in the transport, storage and distribution of LNG. They currently operate six terminals world wide, with an ambitious expansion plan in mind. The company operates a fleet of seventeen ships to serve its transportation requirements.

The Financial Post did not specify whether Kitimat, Prince Rupert or some other location may be on the review list for the European energy company.

The GDF Suez plans at the moment are in the very preliminary stage and the Post explains that the Paris based group is looking to supply Asian markets from any Pacific terminal.

Should they follow through on their exploratory look at the north coast, it would introduce yet another major energy corporation into what is becoming a very global footprint in the region.

A short video review of what GDF Suez is all about can be found below:

You can learn more about GDF Suez and their world wide operations from their website.

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