Thursday, October 9, 2014

A small measure of relief on the way for City's assisted living housing situation

There has been much discussion on the increasing cost of housing in the community, as the prospect of increased economic development continues to drive the housing stocks at the moment.

The issue was one of the main focus points of Monday night's City Council session, as Council members reviewed some of the main points of City Planner Zeno Krekic's latest report on preparations for major economic development.

And while the City planner wasn't there to run a slide show, City Manager Robert Long outlined the Cole's Notes version of the proposal, which we outlined on the blog on Wednesday.

With Council set to review the proposal to set up a Housing Commission for the City, which would highlight some of the concerns that Council members have identified in recent months, the immediate need for action in the area of assisted living may soon get a bit of relief.

Monday night, Mayor Mussallem outlined some of the key points from the UBCM meetings of September and one of the items that stood out from his review, was the mention that the Provincial Government is working on plans to provide 20 additional assisted housing units for the community as well as one housing support worker to share the load of the work in the region.

The Mayor as part of his presentation to Council, also offered up his desire to see a process in place to consider more facilities for Acropolis Manor.

You can review the observations on the housing situation from the City's Video Archive,  starting at the one hour thirty three minute mark.

For more items of note on issues related to Housing in the region see our archive page here.

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