Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Watching week ending October 5, 2014

For Weather watchers, political observers, would be curlers and those concerned about their drinking water, this was the week to check out the blog.

Those themes and a number of our other items attracted a high level of  attention as we wandered our way through the days of Monday to Friday.

All making for some interesting jockeying for position for placement in our weekly review.

Every Sunday we offer up a recap for the week of the top five items viewed over the course of the last seven days. Included in the countdown, we will provide links to the articles in question, offering up with one click of the mouse, those items of the week that you may have missed.

This week, the need for a Boil Water advisory for the Westview area topped all of our items for the week, with our original item and all of our follow up notes on the advisory attracting a large volume of readers.

The approaching storm of Thursday, some notes on the municipal election campaign, as well as the return to Victoria of North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice also found an interested audience this week, as did our account of the Saturday night Curling event at the Curling Club, helped out by local craft brewer Wheelhouse Brewery.

Kicking off this weeks review some background on just what was going on over on the city's west side.

City of Prince Rupert issues BOIL WATER ADVISORY for far west side of the City -- Our original item on the City's announcement on water issues for the Westview area was by far the most read item of the week, with a number of follow up items through the week finding large audiences as well.  (posted September 29 , 2014)

That item was followed by:

Strong weather system set to arrive tonight, last into the weekend -- With Environment Canada posting Wind Warnings and heavy rainfall alerts for North Coast inland areas, our item on the approaching storm was a popular read this week.   (posted October 2, 2014)

So far, only one candidate remains consistent on issues in the Prince Rupert Election campaign  -- 
The 2014 Municipal election campaign seems to be getting off to s fairly slow start, though for candidate Blair Mirau,  raising a number of issues has been key to his campaign so far  (posted  September 30, 2014)

Prince Rupert Curling Club offers a test drive for would be curlers -- The Prince Rupert Curling Club, with a little help from the Wheelhouse Brewery comes up with a pretty interesting introduction to the 2014 curling season ( posted October 2, 2014 )

MLA heads back to Victoria with a number of issues to seek engagement over -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice drops off a household mailer in you mailbox, offering up a recap of her summer and what issues she might bring to the Legislature starting Monday.  (posted October 2, 2014)

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