Monday, October 6, 2014

City to Consider Housing and Social issues at Council session tonight

Housing and social issues will make up a good portion of the discussion points for tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session, as Council reviews a report from City Planner Zeno Krekic on the theme of Housing requirements with major economic activity anticipated.

Such is the scope of his review for Council, that the report has already been provided to the City's website, part of the Agenda review for this evening's session.  ( You can review it here )

When Mr. Krekic settles into his seat for the audio-visual aspect of his review, Council will receive further background into his findings on the Housing Continuum: including a look at the range of housing options in the city from Home Ownership, to rentals, Emergency shelter and Social Housing.

Council members will already be familiar with the discussion topics having been part of the Community engagement session of September 10th.

That gathering saw Council members and a mix of interested community members discuss  a wide range of housing and social issues, with participation from those with experience in property development, Housing policies, Real Estate and Social Housing advocates all providing input.

Their findings make for interesting reading from the report part of  the Appendix C findings.

Mr. Krekic's presentation of tonight carries on his theme of review from the last six months or so, which has featured an examination of many of the challenges ahead for the city, should the increase in economic development for the City that has been projected become a reality.

As part of his report, Council will be asked to approve the three components of his review, related to Data, City Land Use Policies and regulations  (including the creation of a Housing Commission for the City) and an Update for the 2005 - 10 year Capital Improvement Program.

More on those considerations can be found from the Council Agenda on page 25

You can follow along with his presentation tonight from the live feed of the Prince Rupert Council Session which starts at 7PM. Those looking to review it later will find the session posted to the City Council YouTube video page later this week.

Council will also consider tonight a letter from The Very Reverend Jason Haggstrom, who on behalf of the Prince Rupert and Area Ministerial Association is seeking a conversation with representatives of the City, looking to discuss the issues of Social Housing and other social conditions in the city.

His letter outlines the growing concern of the Association for issues that are facing the poor and working poor in the community. With the Ministerial Association seeking for ways to get involved and help the community with the issues that are arising.

You can review his item of note for Council from the agenda package on page 15 .

Our full preview of tonight's Council session can be found here.

And as we do following each Council session, we'll provide a review of the findings as presented through our Archive efforts of later this week.

For more items of interest on City Council Developments see our archive page

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