Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Earl Mah Aquatic Centre Closure extended until November 3rd

The latest update on the situation at the city's swimming pool was provided by City Manager Robert Long on Monday night and his advisory will not be one that most users of the pool will want to hear.

During the latter stages of Monday night's Council Session, Mayor Jack Mussallem raised the question of the closure of the Earl Mah Aquatic centre, asking Mr. Long for a time frame for reopening of the facility.

The City Manager provided a bit of background on the nature of the repairs currently taking place at the pool, advising that the City was still awaiting the fabrication of the exhaust fan that has resulted in the pools closure.

Mr. Long outlined for Council the process of review that the City was using in regard to the closure, which after discussions with Northern Health will see the the pool remain closed through the month of October, with a new tentative re-opening date of November 3rd.

In the interim, Mr. Long advised that city staff will continue on with other maintenance items at the pool during the down time.

The last update from the City's recreation department had listed October 15th as the re-opening date, a window that now it would appear has closed.

You can review Mr. Long's explanation of the situation from the City's Video Archive, it starts at the 1 hour nineteen minute mark and lasts about one minute.

More on developments from Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our archive page.

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