Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mayor seeks third ambulance for Prince Rupert region

One of the interesting notes from Mayor Jack Mussallem's review of the City's efforts at UBCM was the disclosure of his request to have a third ambulance placed at the Prince Rupert station in order to attend to emergencies in a timely manner.

The topic of rural health care and in particular the situation involving the dispatch of ambulance crews had made for much news in recent months, with incidents on Haida Gwaii highlighting the urgency of the issue.

As part of his review of the current situation in Prince Rupert, Mayor Mussallem observed as to the process of prioritization that is in place for ambulance requests, with calls assessed on a case by case basis, which at times can leave patients on a waiting list.

The Mayor also addressed some of the issues in the process of the recruitment of doctors for the region,  with the City having contributed to the discussions at the UBCM convention in seeking to streamline the certification process in order to recruit more doctors to Northern British Columbia.

You can review his discussion points from our item of review on his UBCM observations, or view the City's Video Archive,  the topic is addressed at about the one hour 35 minute mark.

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