Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coastal First Nations to put pressure on former AFN Chiefs to abandon Pacific Future Energy project

Two high profile additions to the corporate team of Pacific Future Energy are about to feel some heat, as the Coastal First Nations prepare to approach former Grand Chiefs Ovide Mercredi and Shawn Atleo about their participation in a proposed Oil terminal project.

As we outlined on the blog in December, at the time the announcement of the two high profile First Nations leaders intention to join up with Pacific Future was heralded as an important step for the for the plans of the company.

Particularly as Pacific Future Energy began its process of engagement across BC and Alberta and worked to move forward with their Oil Terminal Development tentatively proposed for the Prince Rupert area.

Art Sterrit, Executive Director of
the Coastal First Nations
In a Vancouver Sun Article on Wednesday, Art Sterrit, the Executive Director of the Coastal First Nations outlined how his organization plans to approach the two Former Grand Chiefs on the issue of the Oil Terminal.

Seeking to discuss the project with them and to request that they withdraw their participation in the 10 billion dollar development.

Should the two choose to stay their course, Mr. Sterrit explained to the Sun, that the Coastal First Nations intend to launch an aggressive campaign to explain their concerns with the project and to address their thoughts on any continued participation of Mr. Mercredi and Mr. Atleo with the project development.

The Coastal First Nations have been organizing against any kind of Oil Tanker presence on the North Coast for a fair bit of time now, their efforts toward that process can be found from their website initiative here.

The announcement that the two First Nations Leaders have joined Pacific Future Energy, seems to have served to renew the commitment of the Coastal First Nations to stop any plans to ship oil or bitumen from the ports of the North Coast.

More background on the Coastal First Nations can be found here.

As for Pacific Future Energy, their work on the proposed terminal  continues to move forward, that despite the current turmoil in the oil markets of the world and the impact that it appears to be having on the bitumen reserves of Alberta.

The project, which is still very much in its early stages, features a plan that would see the company process some 200,000 of bitumen crude a day, with company spokesman Mark Marrissen outlining to the Sun, that the crude could be delivered to the Prince Rupert area terminal development by rail.

You can review the full Vancouver Sun Article here.

Pacific Future Energy is but one of four potential Oil Terminal Refinery or Shipment Terminal proposals under consideration for the Northwest, you can review the background on all four here.

For information related to just the Pacific Future Energy proposal see our archive page here.

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