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From the Legislature 2015

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments in the northwest ridings .

North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)
Member of the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth
Expense Listings for 2015

MLA's Week Legislature Archive 
(our review of MLA Rice's contributions at the Legislature)

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December 18 -- Rice and Cullen to host Open House today  NCR
December 15 -- Provincial Government delivers Highway 16 corridor update, still holds back on highway shuttle concept  NCR
December 4 -- North Coast NDP to host Annual General Meeting and Holiday Party this weekend  NCR


November 27 -- Transportation Minister Stone to deliver Highway 16 options in near future  NCR
November 26 -- Grants in lieu of taxes process nets Prince Rupert 51,000 dollars for 2015 NCR
November 26 -- BC Minister Fassbender tours Terrace area to speak on funding initiatives  NCR
November 25 -- Highway 16 Symposium Reaction (video)
November 23 -- Smithers Highway symposium takes place Tuesday (video)
November 19 -- Highway 16 Transportation Symposium Next Week
November 19 -- B. C. Northern leaders complain they weren't invited to Highway of Tears gathering
November 18 -- British Columbia Legislature calls it a wrap for 2015  NCR
November 17 -- Canfisco closure raised in Monday session of Legislature  NCR
November 16 -- Legislature set to start final four days of sessions for 2015   NCR
November 14 -- UFAWU vows to fight cannery closure; calls for all levels of government to support Prince Rupert  NCR
November 13 -- Canfisco plant restructuring plans bring reaction from area politicians  NCR
November 6 -- MLA Rice questions Liberals lack of funding for Missing Women and Transportation concerns  NCR
November 5 -- Housing lessons for Prince Rupert? Province heralds new affordable housing development in Victoria  NCR
November 3 -- NDP and Liberals in lively exchange Tuesday over Highway 16 Transportation issues NCR
November 3 -- Adoption the focus of North Coast MLA's Legislature statement of Monday  NCR


October 27 -- North Coast MLA seeks follow up on Robinson coroner's jury recommendations  NCR
October 23 -- North Coast MLA outlines satisfaction with Electoral Boundaries Commission findings  NCR
October 23 -- Deleted email case turned over to RCMP for investigation  NCR
October 22 -- Freedom of information scandal  (video)
October 21 -- Rustad on Treaty process (video)
October 20 -- Clark says "no interest" in replacing Stephen Harper at head of Conservative Party (video)
October 10 -- North Coast MLA Calls Auditor General's Office Local Government a burden on municipalities  NCR
October 6 -- MLA's Rice and Donaldson raise Robinson inquest results at the Legislature  NCR
October 3 -- MLAs struggle to fill up their time
October 2 -- Equal political representation a challenge in B. C.
October 2 -- Midterm Premier seems focused on next provincial campaign
October 1 -- MLA Rice raises issue of missing data in Legislature session  NCR


September 29 -- Robinson inquest begins in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 28 -- B. C. Legislature back in session (video)
September 28 -- Legislature returns to work today as fall Session is set to open NCR
September 26 -- Let the desk-banging begin and shouting resume
September 17 -- MLA Rice on airshed study (video)
September 14 -- North Coast MLA seeks information on status of air shed study for Prince Rupert  NCR
September 11 -- BC NDP on Petronas (video)


August 22 -- Legislature's summer vacation ends September 28th  NCR
August 7 -- MLA Rice reviews latest notes on Pacific NorthWest LNG project for North Coast media NCR
August 7 -- Burgers with a side of politics for Prince Rupert  NCR
August 5 -- Cullen / Rice to host Community BBQ Thursday at Mariners Park  NCR
August 4 -- MLA Rice offers statements on Banks Island mining and B. C. Cabinet shuffle  NCR


July 31 -- MLA Rice's voice is missing from Banks Island conversation  NCR
July 29 -- Prince Rupert's water supply project to replace 2.2 kilometres of 100 year old pipe  NCR
July 29 -- An apology to Jennifer Rice and a retraction (Northern View editorial)
July 29 -- NDP do support LNG, but only if conditions are met ( MLA letter to Northern View)
July 29 -- Does Rice's vote matter? (Northern View editorial)
July 28 -- Prince Rupert shut out from Monday's funding flurry  NCR
July 27 -- Terrace Airport to receive Federal and Provincial money for expansion plans  NCR
July 27 -- Highway 16 to receive major funding for overpass between Prince Rupert and Terrace  NCR
July 27 -- BC Finance Minister quoted in Malaysia media as saying Petronas LNG development to start in September  NCR
July 27 -- BC Liberals make note of MLA Rice's Facebook page maintenance, wonder where Central Coast info has gone  NCR
July 27 -- With LNG agreement in hand, Finance Minister de Jong heads for Malaysia  NCR
July 24 -- Timeline of MLA's Central Coast visit should raise more questions on missed LNG vote NCR
July 23 -- North Coast MLA absent during vote onLNG deal, but says agreement fails British Columbians
July 23 -- With a Facebook note, the Mystery of the Missing MLA is solved  NCR
July 22 -- For two Mayors, LNG means a new start
July 22 -- LNG Bill reaction (video)
July 22 -- Agreement is needed for LNG (Northern View editorial)
July 22 -- Any way you colour it, Rice did what she did (Northern View editorial)
July 21 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement gains Legislature approval, MLA Rice does not cast vote  NCR
July 20 -- Industry proponents suggest more relief may be required on LNG (video)
July 19 -- 'Unprecedented giveaway'": Former Liberal powerbroker joins NDP in blasting Christy Clark's sweetheart LNG deal
July 19 -- B. C. to pass 25 - year LNG law, but industry wants more; labour, tax concerns
July 18 -- New Democrats go relatively easy on B. C. Liberals in LNG debate
July 17 -- BC LNG Deal Lets Petronas off Hook for Two Kinds of Emissions
July 17 -- Liberals vs NDP on LNG (video)
July 16 -- North Coast infrastructure forms some of the backdrop to the LNG debate  NCR
July 15 -- MLA Rice on the LNG Debate in Victoria (video)
July 15 -- Issue of Child Protection returns to Legislature debate  NCR
July 15 -- Skeena and Stikine MLA's weigh in on LNG, Minister Stone with the rebuttal  NCR
July 14 -- Political lines drawn on 'historic' LNG bill
July 14 -- MLA celebrates Paddle for Wellness with the Legislature  NCR
July 14 -- MLA Rice outlined her objections to the Petronas/Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement  NCR
July 13 -- MLA's return to Legislature to discuss and vote on Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement  NCR
July 13 -- B. C. Legislature debates law on 25 year LNG deal
July 12 -- LNG Deal to be debated in the Legislature this week (video)
July 12 -- Liberals, NDP to debate proposed B. C. LNG deal during summer legislative session
July 8 -- MLA Jennifer Rice on LNG issues related to Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement (video)
July 8 -- North Coast MLA latest to voice concerns about LNG Project
July 7 -- For MLA Rice, sharing the word, means spreading the advertising dollars  NCR
July 3 -- MLA's Salary and Expense information released by Legislature  NCR
July 2 -- Jennifer Rice to make First Nation engagement and environmental concerns into Legislature discussion on LNG  NCR


June 23 -- Legislature to be recalled July 13 to launch LNG legislation discussion  NCR
June 13 -- A summer sitting of the legislature on LNG, as boxes get ticked off


May 29 -- The Highway of deleted information  NCR
May 28 -- Plans for surgical services in Prince Rupert raised by MLA at Legislature Health Committee session  NCR
May 26 -- North Coast MLA raises Paige's story and issues of youth in Ministry care during Question Period  NCR
May 22 -- NDP leader in Terrace (audio)
May 16 -- 'Paige's Story' turns spotlight on need for review of British Columbia's Child Protection System  NCR
May 15 -- North Coast MLA joins chorus of NDP questions related to death of infant  NCR
May 9 -- Services for parents of children with autism raised by MLA during Committee session  NCR
May 8 -- MLA Rice celebrates the work of Mid-wives with comments in Legislature  NCR
May 8 -- North Coast MLA raises issues and challenges of Northern Education in Legislature  NCR
May 2 -- MLA Rice explores adoption issues during Committee session  NCR
May 1 -- Health Transportation concerns on the North Coast (video)
May 1 -- Health Issues on the mind of MLA Rice this week at Legislature  NCR


April 21 -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice celebrates Eco Trust's anniversary  (video)
April 20 -- Jennifer Rice on Government Openness and Transparency (video)


March 27 -- New Education Legislation for B. C. (video)
March 27 -- Tsimshian on Treaty Commission (video)
March 27 -- New Education Legislation for B. C.  (video)
March 26 -- New Seafood Industry Act (video)
March 26 -- BC Government introduces New Fish and Seafood Act
March 26 -- BC Government's New Employment initiative
March 26 -- North Coast MLA Rice on Funeral Services on Haida Gwaii (video)
March 24 -- North Coast MLA Rice on BC Ferries as part of Provincial infrastructure (video)
March 20 -- Province debuts 10 year transportation plan through BC on the Move Program NCR
March 13 -- MLA Doug Donaldson attacks BC Liberals for Shortchanging Minimum wage workers
March 13 -- MLA Doug Donaldson on BC Liberals minimum wage plans (video)
March 12 -- Council points to Province and Feds for joint ownership on some of the City's current woes  NCR
March 11 -- Northwest leaders named to Provincial Rural Advisory Council  (video)
March 6 -- NDP spars with BC Liberals Over lack of Funeral Services on Haida Gwaii
March 6 -- George Westwood, Haida Gwaii man, forced to stop unlicensed funeral services
March 6 -- Haida Gwaii Funeral issues raised in Legislature on Thursday  NCR
March 5 -- MLA Rice continues to draw attention to Interior health concerns  NCR
March 3 --  Privatization of hospital laundry services in the Interior raised by MLA Rice in Legislature  NCR


February 27 -- MLA Rice salutes nurse practitioners, highlights challenges in recruitment  NCR
February 26 -- MLA returns to Highway 16 Transportation concerns during Wednesday Legislature session  NCR
February 26 -- Minister says he supports National Public Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
February 25 -- MLA Rice raises questions on Transportation Ministry consultations on Highway 16 NCR
February 25 -- NDP Seeks Highway 16 Safety Consultation Notes
February 25 -- MLA Jennifer rice wants answers about Highway of Tears
February 25 -- Did the government really meet with First Nations leaders about the Highway of Tears (audio)
February 20 -- North Coast Mayors meet with Community Minister Oakes on infrastructure and other issues NCR
February 20 -- Federal Government offers tax break encouragement package to LNG industry  NCR
February 19 -- LNG rather muted in Provincial budget overview  NCR
February 19 -- North Coast MLA pays tribute to All Native Basketball Tournament at Legislature  NCR
February 18 -- MLA Rice takes North Coast infrastructure concerns to Legislature  NCR
February 17 -- Deputy Premier introduces Bill to regulate LNG industry in federal ports  NCR
February 14 -- North Coast MLA outlines rural health concerns in first week of Legislature session NCR
February 11-- Legislature back in session after Speech from the Throne  NCR
February 4 -- Jobs not the focus for NDP
February 3 -- Cullen/Rice letter to Tourism Prince Rupert outlines early comments on Alaska Ferry Terminal issue NCR


January 21-- Rice welcomes IAC report
January 16-- North Coast MLA calls for Government to heed recommendations of International report on Missing Women  NCR
January 14-- Blanket housing plan just doesn't work
January 13-- Province of British Columbia launches on line resource for Economic data  NCR
January 8-- MLA Rice urges North Coast residents to seek positions on Rural Advisory Council  NCR

Archive of items from 2014
Archive of items from 2013 and before

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