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Housing Issues of the North West

An Archive of items on Housing for the North West.


December 11 -- Port Edward Trailer Park evictions (video)
December 11 -- If someone buys the land you're renting and kicks you out, should they have to help you find a new place to live? (audio)
December 10 -- Housing Committee hopes to pick up the pace on housing issues in the New Year  NCR
December 9 -- Trailer Park evictions in Port Edward (video)
December 9 -- Stonecliff Properties serve immediate eviction notices to Port Edward trailer park tenants
December 9 -- Kanata School land zoning review to be delayed until January NCR
December 9 -- Despite some opposition during Public Hearing process, Council approves zoning change for Stiles Place Development NCR
December 4 -- City to host Public Hearing on Stiles Place condo development  NCR


November 25 -- Council moves zoning change process ahead for Prince Rupert Boulevard NCR
November 25 -- Stiles Place Development to go to Public Hearing phase NCR
November 24 -- Prince Rupert Housing Development (video)
November 13 -- Seniors Housing plans in south could provide blue print for Prince Rupert  NCR
November 11 -- Mayor Brain hopeful of progress on affordable housing situation in 2016  NCR
November 10 -- Prince Rupert Affordable housing process (video)
November 10 -- Rich Coleman's Affordable Housing tour takes him to Penticton  NCR
November 5 -- Housing lessons for Prince Rupert? Province heralds new affordable housing development in Victoria NCR


October 28 -- Housing Update highlights funding issues and cross subsidization concepts  NCR
October 7 -- Same goals, different approaches for Council members on the issue of affordable housing in Prince Rupert  NCR


September 23 -- Tax Sale Season set to arrive in the Northwest on September 28th  NCR
September 18 -- Prince Rupert Homeless issues (video)
September 18 -- City Council's Masonic Hall debate highlight's industrial land use issues  NCR
September 16 -- Homeless situation a topic of much interest at Monday's Council session  NCR
September 16 -- Council moves forward with Masonic Hall rezoning proposal, allowing for Warehouse for MacKenzie's furniture  NCR
September 3 -- Masonic Hall rezoning proposal to go to Public Hearing stage September 14th NCR
September 2 -- East side residents to get first look at Kanata school property housing proposals next week  NCR


August 21 -- When it comes to forward momentum for development, Port Edward seems to be on a quicker pace  NCR
August 21 -- More LNG GO Plan Math with Professor Krekic  NCR
August 20 -- Re:Think, Re:Build, Re:Design ... new mantras for a new Prince Rupert? NCR
August 20 -- Housing issues again dominate Council's attention, leading to some heated discussion NCR
August 20 -- Councillors Thorkelson, Cunningham at odds with Mayor over Agenda addition and concerns on land use NCR


July 23 -- Councillor Thorkelson to seek Public Information session on land use in Prince Rupert NCR
July 23 -- Kanata School lands rezoning sparks more discussion at Council NCR
July 23 -- Borden Street residents approach Council regarding proposed lane closure NCR
July 23 -- Councillor Thorkelson outlines concerns related to Downtown condo proposal NCR
July 22 -- Smithers considers affordable housing issues (video)
July 20 -- Smithers Town Council purchases land for affordable housing use  (video)
July 20 -- First glimpse of proposed development for Bill Murray Way  NCR
July 20 -- Council to move on Kanata School rezoning tonight NCR
July 16 -- Prince Rupert Housing sales see sharp decline in first half of 2015  NCR
July 8 -- Concerns over Graham Avenue road extension dominate Park Avenue Public Hearing  NCR
July 5 -- Three affordable apartment buildings go up in flames
July 7 -- Trailer Home Owners face eviction in Port Edward (audio)
July 7 -- Port Edward trailer park residents willing to fight to stay in park (audio)
July 5 -- Overnight fire on Third Avenue West consumes New Moon Apartment building  NCR
July 3 -- Homeless offer voices to Go Plan Survey
July 3 -- Oceanview project delayed due to technicality
July 2 -- Park Avenue Housing Development to get Second Public Hearing  NCR


June 26 -- Condos proposed on Bill Murray Drive
June 25 -- Park Avenue proposal receives petition push back  NCR
June 25 -- Proposed condo development offers dramatic shift to downtown housing options NCR
June 23 -- Terrace housing development worries residents
June 23 -- Prince Rupert Condo Project (video)
June 23 -- City Questionnaire on Housing needs to launch Thursday  NCR
June 22 -- Social and Non-Profit Housing issues discussed at Terrace conference  NCR
June 20 -- Housing effort stymies city, says Terrace mayor
June 19 -- Affordable housing needed in Northwest B. C.
June 18 -- Head of Non-Profit Housing Association Says Federal Government must step up funding
June 17 -- Central Coast first nation looking to solve its own housing crisis (audio)
June 16 -- Terrace affordable housing project on hold
June 15 -- Terrace vacancy rate increases, but so does rent  (audio)
June 12 -- Councillor Thorkelson shares the word: "BC Housing is looking for units to purchase in Prince Rupert NCR
June 12 -- Former residents of Neptune Inn find housing for now NCR
June 12 -- Housing development planned for former Kanata site
June 12 -- Area residents to get first comments for proposed rezoning of Masonic Hall NCR
June 12 -- Councillor Thorkelson looks to include Senior's housing in Park Avenue Development planning NCR
June 12 -- Council looks to introduce Development Charges for future developments NCR
June 3 -- Prince Rupert's newly homeless share their struggles
June 1 -- Prince Rupert Housing survey (video)


May 29 -- Looking to help Prince Rupert's homeless (audio)
May 29 -- Port Edward worker accommodation plans questioned at council meeting
May 27 -- Councillor Thorkelson expresses frustration over ongoing issues of homelessness in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 27 -- Housing Survey set to move forward in weeks to come  NCR
May 27 -- Evading police, back-alley fires: this is what life is like for the homeless in Prince Rupert (audio)
May 21 -- City partnering to help create homeless solutions
May 21 -- Aboriginal Housing proposal in Prince Rupert (video)
May 16 -- Location, Location, Location! SD52 puts Kanata School property on the market  NCR
May 16 -- Residential tenancy rules protect landlords, tenants
May 13 -- Council members to attend Housing Forum in Terrace  NCR
May 13 -- City to partner with local groups in Homelessness housing initiative  NCR
May 11 -- Neptune closure increases housing pressures
May 11 -- Landlord Tenant information sessions set for Tuesday and Wednesday in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 7 -- India Avenue Housing proposal gets Council approval, but not without controversy  NCR
May 5 -- Home ownership slightly more affordable in 2014 than 2013 in Prince Rupert
May 4 -- Council's housing moves thus far trending to the upper end of the pricing spectrum  NCR


April 28 -- Prince Rupert Council approves executive accommodation rezoning after lengthy debate
April 27 -- Public Hearing and further consideration of India Avenue Housing proposal by Council this evening  NCR
April 27 -- Figures show spike in eviction-related hearings
April 21 -- City approves rezoning despite SD52 objection
April 17 -- Prince Rupert Council may have some fences to mend with the School District  NCR
April 17 -- Developers outline vision and details of Park Avenue housing proposal
April 17 -- Greenwell Asset Management open to various tenants at India Avenue development
April 16 -- Despite concerns from School District 52, Prince Rupert council moves Quickload Terminals rezoning forward  NCR
April 16 -- India Avenue housing proposal moves forward to Public Hearing stage  NCR
April 13 -- Council to receive presentation on Mountain View Executive Suites project NCR
April 10 -- Mayor updates Council on Housing Committee progress NCR
April 10 -- Home sales in Prince Rupert down 50 per cent, average value up more than $47,000
April 9 -- Sales down, Prices up in first quarter of 2015 for Prince Rupert real estate  NCR
April 6 -- Gap is closing for Prince Rupert's house pricing with neighbouring communities  NCR
April 3 -- Public meeting scheduled regarding Park Avenue Housing rezoning issue  NCR


March 31 -- Proposed West Side Housing Development moves to public notification stage NCR
March 25 -- Bench area to be site of townhouses in Terrace
March 24 -- Terrace Council Approves New Townhouse Development
March 24 -- Developer outlines plans for new housing area in Prince Rupert
March 23 -- Council to consider Zoning issues related to proposed housing development off of Park Avenue  NCR
March 6 -- Million dollar reno underway at Terrace BC Housing complex
March 5 -- Public engagement on Prince Rupert housing issues expected by next month  NCR
March 4 -- India Avenue Housing proponent hosts Open House tonight for area residents  NCR
March 4 -- Housing plans aplenty for the NorthWest  NCR


February 25 -- City Council divides up the work for two City Housing Committees  NCR
February 24 -- Prince Rupert Housing Committees (video)
February 20 -- Terms for Housing Committee to be examined at Monday's Council meeting  NCR
February 16 -- Prince Rupert Housing project (video)
February 16 -- New Housing Project in Prince Rupert
February 12 -- Council considers possible shift in Housing Commission plans NCR
February 12 -- East side Housing proposal faces a number of questions at City Council  NCR


January 21 -- City Council getting to work on housing issue: Mayor Lee Brain
January 16 -- Housing Concerns at City Council ( video )
January 14-- City puts in motion plan to develop Mayor's Select standing committee on Housing NCR
January 14-- Blanket housing plan just doesn't work
January 14-- Stats show Rupert's reality
January 7-- Time for solutions
January 5-- BC Assessments released for 2015  NCR
January 2-- Building for the future: Housing Matters

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