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Industrial Development 2015 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG/Petronas LNG Terminal (Lelu Island)

Our Archive of items regarding the proposed Petronas LNG Terminal development

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December 21 -- Graphics error stokes more discussion on Lelu Island project  NCR
December 20 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG plan review resumes after long delay
December 16 -- Lelu Island LNG opponents continue media push against proposed terminal  NCR


November 20 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG report for CEAA outlines recent study of Flora Bank region, sees no threat to area  NCR
November 18 -- Port CEO and President on Lelu Island (video)
November 17 -- LNG terminal 'not likely' to harm Flora Bank
November 13 -- LNG project opposition called premature
November 12 -- First Nation leaders on the north coast ask occupiers of Lelu Island to stop interfering with LNG research (audio)
November 10 -- Calls made to reject northwestern B. C. LNG site 
November 10 -- Metlakatla and other First Nations look to get LNG discussion back to topic of CEAA review  NCR
November 9 -- Lelu Island letter (video)
November 9 -- LNG's proposed Lelu Island natural gas terminal stirs a First Nations debate
November  9 -- Road to Premier Clark's LNG utopia getting awfully bumpy 
November 9 -- Opposition against LNG on Lelu Island and Flora Bank picking up support (audio)
November 9 -- LNG opponents take Lelu Island issue to new Prime Minister and Environment Minister NCR
November 9 -- Activist group urges Trudeau to block LNG project to protect B. C. salmon
November 9 -- B. C. First Nation leaders ask PM to reject LNG terminal site


October 31 -- Lax Kw'alaams releases Science Report related to Lelu Island  NCR
October 29 -- Prince Rupert council takes 'neutral' stance of Pacific NorthWest LNG project  NCR
October 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG provides update for City Council on project planning  NCR
October 27 -- Trans Canada clears hurdles for proposed Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline NCR
October 23 -- Meals on Wheels to benefit from Saturday Brunch with Pacific NorthWest LNG NCR
October 22 -- Solidarity Rally in Prince Rupert for Saturday postponed to future date  NCR
October 21 -- Saturday Solidarity Rally planned to highlight concerns over Lelu Island  NCR
October 16 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG looking to 2016 start for Terminal project  NCR
October 15 -- Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Line to face court challenge  NCR
October 15 -- Pacific NorthWest planning 2016 start despite legal challenge
October 9 -- LNG issues bring out the rebuttal cards at Prince Rupert debate  NCR
October 8 -- Petronas still committed to building LNG terminal in B. C.
October 8 -- Petronas Renews pledge to Export Canadian Gas as Analysts Doubt
October 8 -- B. C. Government says despite Malaysian report, Pacific NorthWest LNG project still moving forward NCR
October 6 -- Group of Lax Kw'alaams chief clashes with LNG protest camp in B. C.
October 5 -- Hereditary Chief Yahaan refutes right of access to Lelu Island
October 1 -- Lax Kw'alaams First nation split over location of LNG terminal


September 30 -- Metlakatla outlines its views on recent arrangement with Prince Rupert Gas Transmission (video)
September 29 -- Transcanada-Metlakatla Agreement signed (video)
September 29 -- Metlakatla signs project agreement for Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline
September 29 -- Lelu Island occupiers escort 'unauthorized' surveying crew off of Flora Bank
September 29 -- Metlakatla signs agreement in support of Prince Rupert Gas Transmission
September 29 -- Metlakatla and Prince Rupert Gas Transmission sign LNG pipeline project agreement NCR
September 23 -- Gitxaala First Nation joins Metlakatla with response to Lax Kw'alaams  NCR
September 22 -- B. C. LNG industry could miss out on billions if delays continue: report
September 22 -- Prince Rupert Environmental Society to host film on environment, followed by discussion on Lelu Island occupation  NCR
September 21 -- LNG exports will impede fishing rights: First Nations
September 21 -- CBC BC Almanac: LNG issues on Lelu Island (audio)
September 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams title claim to Lelu Island and Flora Bank (video)
September 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams First Nation moves to veto LNG plan
September 18 -- First Nation lays claim to Lelu Island
September 18 -- First Nations seeks title claim on Petronas's LNG site location
September 18 -- Metlakatla stakes a claim to the discussion over Lelu Island  NCR
September 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams First Nation to proceed with title action on Lelu Island and Flora Bank  NCR
September 16 -- Alberta investment group task four LNG projects as likely to move forward in the Northwest  NCR
September 16 -- Business in Vancouver zeroes in on Port Edward's place in the LNG landscape  NCR
September 15 -- Petronas safety problems no surprise at home
September 15 -- Drilling at proposed LNG terminal starts despite First Nation opposition
September 15 -- Lelu Island occupation camp receives support from Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs  NCR
September 14 -- Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs standing by Lelu Island camp
September 14 -- Petronas mulls changes to bridge, jetty site for B. C. LNG terminal
September 13 -- Lax Kw'alaams members on Lelu island say that they have stopped weekend survey work in area waters  NCR
September 13 -- First Nation protesters seek to stop test drilling at proposed LNG site
September 11 -- BC NDP on Petronas (video)
September 11 -- NDP MP Candidate Nathan Cullen wants answers about Petronas safety (audio)
September 11 -- Petronas: Powerful, enigmatic, world player
September 11 -- Shocking, disgusting, B. C. critics say of Petronas audit
September 11 -- Petronas audit no cause for concern, Rich Coleman says
September 11 -- Petronas says it ensures safety at operations
September 11 -- British Columbia LNG ambitions in the spotlight with major media reviews today  NCR
September 11 -- Energy giant Petronas faced 'catastrophic' safety issues
September 10 -- Lax Kw'alaams residents look to build a Northwest alliance (video)
September 10 -- Vancouver Sun preparing story described as "Explosive" on Petronas  NCR
September 1 -- Petronas burning billions in B. C. in bid for LNG plant
September 1 -- Pacific NorthWest presents new concept for Lelu Island to Area First Nations (video)


August 31 -- Lelu Island is a focal point for many, for a number of reasons  NCR
August 28 -- First Nations occupy B. C. island slated to be used as LNG port (video)
August 14 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG moving forward despite fall in Petronas profits
August 12 -- LNG Terminal at Lelu Island Harmful to Salmon says letter to Science Magazine (video)
August 7 -- MLA Rice reviews latest notes on Pacific NorthWest LNG project for North Coast media NCR
August 7 -- First Nations study and published letter in Science Journal adds to the ongoing debate over Lelu Island LNG site  NCR
August 6 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG still committed to North Coast  (video)
August 5 -- Federal election campaign and Malaysian developments could leave Lelu Island project in limbo until October  NCR
August 4 -- Prospects for B. C.'s biggest investment
August 4 -- Petronas's Silence on BC LNG Act Sends Disquieting signal


July 27 -- BC Finance Minister quoted in Malaysia media as saying Petronas LNG development to start in September  NCR
July 27 -- With LNG agreement in hand, Finance Minister de Jong heads for Malaysia  NCR
July 25 -- Lax Kw'alaams First Nation set to intervene in Gitga'at LNG litigation  NCR
July 23 -- With a Facebook note, the Mystery of the Missing MLA is solved  NCR
July 22 -- For two Mayors, LNG means a new start
July 22 -- LNG Bill reaction (video)
July 21 -- B. C. gives green light to Petronas LNG
July 21 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement gains Legislature approval, MLA Rice does not cast vote  NCR
July 20 -- Industry proponents suggest more relief may be required on LNG (video)
July 19 -- 'Unprecedented giveaway'": Former Liberal powerbroker joins NDP in blasting Christy Clark's sweetheart LNG deal
July 19 -- B. C. to pass 25 - year LNG law, but industry wants more; labour, tax concerns
July 18 -- New Democrats go relatively easy on B. C. Liberals in LNG debate
July 17 -- BC LNG Deal Lets Petronas off Hook for Two Kinds of Emissions
July 16 -- North Coast infrastructure forms some of the backdrop to the LNG debate  NCR
July 15 -- MLA Rice on the LNG Debate in Victoria (video)
July 15 -- Skeena and Stikine MLA's weigh in on LNG, Minister Stone with the rebuttal  NCR
July 14 -- Just How Bad is BC's LNG Deal with Petronas?
July 14 -- MLA Rice outlines her objections to the Petronas/Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement  NCR
July 13 -- B. C. Legislature debates law on 25-year LNG deal
July 13 -- Rare B. C. Leg summer sitting to debate LNG deal (video)
July 13 -- MLA's return to Legislature to discuss and vote on Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement  NCR
July 12 -- LNG Deal to be debated in the Legislature this week (video)
July 12 -- Liberals, NDP to debate proposed B. C. LNG deal during summer legislative session
July 9 -- North Coast First Nations form Tsimshian Environmental Stewardship Authority  NCR
July 6 -- Gitga'at First Nation seeking judicial review of B. C. consultation on LNG  NCR
July 2 -- Jennifer Rice to take First Nation engagement and environmental concerns into Legislature discussion on LNG   NCR


June 24 -- Petronas may face legal action on LNG Project in Canada - report
June 23 -- Petronas agrees to conduct more studies on B. C. terminal's impact
June 23 -- Legislature to be recalled July 13 to launch LNG legislation discussion  NCR
June 23 -- Petronas gas bet no cinch as dissent adds to low prices
June 20 -- Ministers acknowledge LNG emissions
June 18 -- LNG project looking less like a mirage
June 17 -- Get ready for major change
June 16 -- Don't hold that LNG victory party quite yet
June 14 -- LNG Minister believes Pacific NorthWest LNG construction could start this fall  NCR
June 14 -- LNG construction in Prince Rupert could begin later this year: minister
June 13 -- A summer sitting of the legislature on LNG, as boxes get ticked off
June 12 -- LNG Investment  reaction (video)
June 12 -- Chamber of Commerce welcomes Pacific NorthWest LNG announcement  NCR
June 12 -- Petronas gets environmental road map for Pacific NorthWest LNG
June 12 -- Two conditions stand between Petronas and a Final Investment Decision on Lelu Island project  NCR
June 11 -- Northwest LNG Investment  decision (video)
June 10 -- Vancouver Discussions this week could bring Conditional Investment Decision for Pacific Northwest LNG project  NCR
June  9 -- Malaysia's Petronas hits another B. C. LNG milestone
June  8 -- Clarity needed on aboriginal title and B. C.'s trillion-dollar LNG plan
June 5 -- CEAA requires more information from Pacific NorthWest LNG on Lelu Island proposal  NCR
June 5 -- Uncertainty grows over LNG deal 
June 1 -- Three more First Nations sign on with TransCanada


May 25 -- With signing of MOU, Petronas looks to secure Conditional Final Investment Decision within weeks  NCR
May 24 -- On LNG, federal Conservatives have a lot of work to do
May 23 -- LNG company fined after ducks found dead in a holding tank
May 22 -- Billion dollar bust for Petronas or path to B. C.'s development future?
May 22 -- Petronas confirms FID on LNG project to be made in coming weeks
May 22 -- Groups Upstream of LNG project not impressed with MOU
May 22 -- "Conditional" decision expected from Petronas in weeks
May 21 -- B.C.’s LNG agreement impressive, but not binding
May 21 -- BC's Petronas LNG agreement (In the House Podcast)
May 22 -- John Horgan ventures out onto the LNG tightrope
May 21 -- You say Yes, I say No -- LNG project remains "iffy"
May 21 -- Province lays the LNG foundation, now waits for Petronas to finance and build  NCR
May 20 -- NDP objects to conditions for Petronas LNG
May 20 -- Lelu Island headed for court?
May 20 -- B. C. commits future governments to terms for LNG
May 20 -- BC and Petronas sign MOU for LNG project
May 20 -- Petronas to sign Memorandum of Understanding with British Columbia Government today  NCR
May 19 -- Routes of energy controversy
May 19 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal back on the clock at CEAA  NCR
May 18 -- Environmental agency restarts review of Pacific NorthWest terminal plans
May 15 -- Lax Kw'alaams Council: "Open to business ... it is not open to development proximate to Flora Bank"  NCR
May 13 -- Pacific NorthWest working to keep B. C. LNG export project alive
May 13 -- Lax Kw'alaams Band reject $1B LNG deal near Prince Rupert
May 12 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG says terminal won't hurt fish stocks
May 11 -- When it comes to Lelu Island issues there is no shortage of science to review  NCR
May 11 -- Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project receives first two construction permits  NCR
May 7 -- Many eyes watching and waiting for outcome of Lax Kw'alaams sessions  NCR
May 5 -- Lelu Island LNG protest  (video)
May 5 -- Pacific Northwest LNG Sees little support for their Billion Dollar Deal
May 4 -- Lelu Island LNG opponents continue to push to stop development  NCR
May 2 -- Lax Kw'alaams members will have six days to consider billion dollar proposal  NCR


April 16 -- British Columbia's gas minister warns of Pacific NorthWest delay
April 10 -- New Petronas CEO holds fate of $36 billion Pacific NorthWest LNG in his hands
April 9 -- Low oil prices improving economics for Petronas-led B. C. LNG project
April 8 -- The $36 billion question: Will he or won't he?


March 16 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project one of three to participate in development agreement negotiations with BC Government NCR
March 15 -- Three LNG projects lead the pack in B. C.
March 12 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG environmental process stopped once again, as CEAA seeks more information  NCR
March 9 -- Study raises concerns about Flora Banks integrity
March 6 -- Group alleges LNG ad campaign misleading
March 5 -- Friends of Wild Salmon Angry Accuse Pacific Northwest LNG of Misleading ads
March 3 -- Petronas puts a mark on the Calendar for end of June for a Final Investment Decision  NCR
March 2 -- Petronas LNG decision could come in June


February 23 -- Petronas and B. C. Government make a date in March for discussions on LNG project NCR
February 22 -- After delay in LNG deal, Petronas chiefs to visit B. C. in March
February 12 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG provides project update to Prince Rupert Council  NCR
February 12 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG addresses final investment decision, impact of oil prices
February 10 -- A change of leadership at the top, as Malaysia deals with oil crunch  NCR
February 9 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG seeks more input from public, set to deliver update to Prince Rupert City Council   NCR
February 8 -- Final LNG route cost not known


January 24-- LNG moving target moves some more
January 22-- U. S. Financial analysts give Kitimat the advantage in LNG development timeline NCR
January 21 -- Lelu Island project update (video)
January 20 -- Port Edward Work Camps (video)
January 20-- Port Edward Work Camps
January 20-- Pacific NorthWest LNG puts you at the helm of an LNG ship  NCR
January 18-- Despite delays, LNG plant plans continue
January 15-- Pacific NorthWest LNG hosts third and final Open House today in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 7-- Pacific NorthWest LNG to host Open Houses in Mid January  NCR
January 7-- Province sets long term role for LNG pipelines  NCR
January 1-- Petronas to set pace for B. C. LNG in 2015

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