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Industrial Development 2015 -- Port of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to the operation, expansion and proposed developments of the Port of Prince Rupert

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December 22 -- Vancouver land issues offer opportunities for Prince Rupert to take advantage of NCR
December 15 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority and DP World gaze south for potential expansion of Fairview Terminal  NCR
December 15 -- Port CEO Don Krusel mixes caution with optimism when it comes to the Port's Vision for future development  NCR


November 20 -- Port of Prince Rupert lines up a new container line with prospect of more to come  NCR
November 18 -- Port CEO and President on Lelu Island (video)


October 23 -- 12,00th Mariner passes through the doors of local Seafarer's Centre  NCR
October 21 -- Amarantha Berthed at Northland Cruise Terminal dock (video)
October 21 -- Vessel shifts to Northland Terminals for mechanical repairs  NCR
October 16 -- More change on the way for Cow Bay Waterfront  NCR
October 15 -- Cow Bay wharf demolition (video)
October 14 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority, CN Rail take North Coast message to China  NCR
October 9 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority heralds arrival of first visit from 2M shipping alliance  NCR


September 29 -- Prince Rupert port busy and growing
September 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams First Nation to proceed with title action on Lelu Island and Flora Bank  NCR
September 17 -- Lumber shipments through the Port of Prince Rupert should see boost with reopening of Terrace sawmill  NCR
September 16 -- Amakusa Island coal ship grounding near Prince Rupert prompts changes
September 15 -- Lelu Island occupation camp receives support from Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs  NCR
September 14 -- Lelu Island exploratory work (video)
September 14 -- Ship Grounding partly due to unfamiliarity with route: TSB
September 14 -- Transportation Safety Board releases findings into July 2014 grounding of Amakus Island  NCR
September 13 -- Lax Kw'alaams members on Lelu island say that they have stopped weekend survey work in area waters  NCR


August 19 -- Maersk Shipping Line introduces Prince Rupert to its East-West Network  NCR
August 14 -- Port of Prince Rupert to investigate construction of Intermodal Rail/Truck yard on South Kaien Island  NCR
August 13 -- Port Safety concerns (video)
August 13 -- Chinese explosion a reminder of dangers working at and living near ports  NCR
August 10 -- Fairview Port Protests continue (video)
August 6 -- Protest over Fairview Phase Two contract work shifts to Port offices at Atlin Terminal  NCR


July 31 -- Port of Prince Rupert announces Shore Radar project  (video)
July 31 -- Federal investment will bring enhanced radar systems for Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 14 -- New route for container trucks?
July 7 -- Federal Government to provide funding towards Clear Seas initiative on marine safety and spill response  NCR
July 3 -- Sailors honoured at Prince Rupert Day of the Seafarer
July 2 -- Clean-up of Leaked Oil Complete
July 2 -- Prince Rupert waterfront Oil leak clean up (video)
July 2 -- Much information available for review from Port's Annual Report  NCR


June 30 -- Prince Rupert Waterfrtont Fuel Leak (video)
June 29 -- Seepage from Disused Fuel Pipe contained on Prince Rupert Industrial waterfront
June 29 -- Westview waterfront area location of containment efforts related to abandoned fuel pipe  NCR
June 29 -- Port authority rewards shippers who reduce emissions
June 29 -- Port of Prince Rupert Green Wave update (video)
June 29 -- Port's Green Wave initiatives continue to gain Kudos from marine industry  NCR
June 26 -- Port celebrates International Seafarers Day with $5,000 contribution  NCR
June 25 -- Federal Government introduces Prince Rupert Port Authority LNG Facilities regulations
June 24 -- Cosco vessel Development arrives at Fairview Terminal  (video)
June 23 -- Port outlines year-end financial, traffic results
June 19 -- Lester Centre to benefit from Port Authority Community Investment Fund  NCR
June 19 -- Port's Annual review highlights, growing trade, future opportunity  NCR
June 18 -- Protest over Fairview Expansion hiring (video)
June 18 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Annual Public Meeting (video)
June 18 -- Port of Prince Rupert website gets a makeover  NCR
June 17 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority hosts Annual Public Meeting on Thursday  NCR
June 15 -- Double digit drop in port tonnage
June 13 -- A glimpse into what could be the Cow Bay of the future  NCR
June 5 -- Pinnacle Pellet's Westview Terminal sets shipment record this month  NCR
June 4 -- Major Asian Shipping line adds Prince Rupert as new destination  NCR
June 3 -- Prince Rupert Marina Project (video)
June 2 -- Pilings in place, but not much in the way of construction for Atlin Marina project NCR


May 20 -- Notes from the Last Spike at Ridley Island (video)
May 19 -- The Last Spike at Ridley Island (video)
May 15 -- Port to drive last spike into rail corridor ties on Tuesday  NCR
May 1 -- John Farrell takes a seat on the Port's Board of Directors  NCR


April 17 -- Fairview Terminal viewing area closed (video)
April 17 -- Port announces closure of Container Viewing area during construction phase  NCR
April 17 -- CN Rail looks to expand infrastructure in BC and Alberta  NCR
April 14 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority accepting applications for Sail Training Bursary  NCR
April 13 -- Port of Prince Rupert seeks City's support in hydro issues related to Fairview Terminal  NCR
April 10 -- Prince Rupert Marina Project gets underway (video)
April 10 -- Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Marina Project gets underway  NCR
April  9 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks a new Captain for the Charles Hays  NCR
April 2 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority prepares tariff increases, offer opportunity for comment from port users  NCR
April 2 -- Major World Port Operator to acquire Maher Terminals - Fairview Terminals Operations  NCR


March 25 -- John Farrell appointed to Prince Rupert Port Authority board of directors
March 20 -- Shovels hit the ground for Phase Two Expansion NCR
March 18 -- Put the Ridley land up for sale
March 11 -- Prince Rupert Port expansion (video)
March 11 -- Fairview Expansion announcement makes for major media splash across Canada and beyond  NCR
March 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Announces Phase Two expansion for Fairview Container Terminal  NCR
March 9 -- Special announcement planned by Prince Rupert Port Authority for Tuesday  NCR
March 9 -- Cow Bay Marina Plans to move ahead after weekend announcement   NCR


February 10 -- Opinion:  Diversification driving growth at Port of Prince Rupert
February 2 -- New School playground (video)


January 30 -- AquaTrain mooring wall construction wraps up   NCR
January 30 -- Roosevelt School the latest to benefit from Prince Rupert Port Authority Community Investment Fund  NCR
January 29 -- BC Port Business increases
January 29 -- BC Port Bsuiness increases (video)
January 29 -- Port of Prince Rupert may see increased throughput owing to US congestion  NCR
January 23-- Prince Rupert Port Authority takes multi-media approach on economic study  NCR
January 21-- Port of Prince Rupert Economic study (video)
January 21-- Fairview Expansion expected soon
January 20-- Gains in Port related employment across Northern British Columbia highlighted in recent study NCR
January 20-- Prince Rupert Port Authority accepting submissions for Community Investment Fund for 2015  NCR
January 12 -- Port of Prince Rupert Volumes (video)
January 10 -- Diversification highlighted by Port of Prince Rupert's year end numbers  NCR

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