Saturday, January 3, 2015

Industrial Development -- Kitimat -- LNG Canada

Our Archive of items regarding the proposed LNG Canada Terminal development in Kitimat

LNG Canada  website
(Shell, Korea Gas, Mitsubishi, Petro China)


October 25 -- LNG line eyes new route over aboriginal concerns
October 2 -- B.C. would be ‘transformed’ by LNG, company CEO claims

June 20 -- Ministers acknowledge LNG emissions
June 19 -- LNG Canada says still work to be done before Final Investment
June 18 -- Kitimat's LNG Canada proposal gets Federal CEAA and Provincial approval  NCR
June 17 -- Kitimat LNG gains environmental approval for proposed development  (video)
June 17 -- LNG Canada Project receives Federal, Provincial Environmental approval
June 16 -- Shell-led B.C. LNG project nears environmental approval

May 5 -- Prince Rupert's Amy Dopson introduced as LNG Canada's Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer  NCR

April 8 -- Shell Buys BG Group (video)
April 8 -- Shell looks at BG Group purchase  NCR

January 30 -- It may be a slower year for LNG in Kitimat even as companies stand by projects
January 22-- U. S. Financial analysts give Kitimat the advantage in LNG development timeline NCR

Archive of items from 2014
Archive of items from 2012 and 2013

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