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Municipal Government 2015 -- Haida Gwaii

Our quick reference and archive of items from Haida Gwaii for 2014

Items from the Federal Government's Aboriginal Affairs website

Old Massett Village Council -- Haida Nation

Community Profile

First Nations Financial Transparency Act

Financial Statement
Remuneration Schedule


Skidegate -- Haida Nation

Community Profile

First Nations Financial Transparency Act

Financial Statement
Remuneration Schedule

News items of 2015


November 20 -- Haida Gwaii is ready for its close up, as the documentary On the Edge of the World gets Vancouver run  NCR


July 29 -- Haida Gwaii food producers set to debut "Produced on Haida Gwaii" brand  NCR


April 15 -- Westwood's funeral services given the OK 
April 15 -- End of 2015 herring roe fishery an escalating regional issue
April 6 -- Sandspit water quality committee in the works
April 6 -- Cyclone Pam hits the hearts of Haida Gwaii


March 31-- Helijet Renewal for Haida Gwaii Fish Lodges (video)
March 29 -- Westwood permitted to resume funeral services
March 28 -- Rogers cell phones now usable on Haida Gwaii
March 28 -- Island's first briquette plant roars to life
March 28 -- Revenue Agency gaffe displaces HG villages
March 28 -- QC Mayor Martin demands Anton apologize
March 24 -- Application for Port Container Terminal with Supreme Court
March 24 -- CHN wins injunction over herring fishery
March 17 -- Province shuts down Islands' after-death service
March 16 -- QC Harbour slated for facelift
March 16 -- Regional District opens debate on dispatch
March 15 -- First Nations fight for herring to become less of a catch
March 15 -- Haida Gwaii's 'Mr. Undertaker' lays tools of the trade down to rest
March 9 -- Haida Nation finds success at the Court; No Commercial Herring fishery off Haida Gwaii this year  NCR
March 6 -- NDP spars with BC Liberals Over lack of Funeral Services on Haida Gwaii
March 6 -- George Westwood, Haida Gwaii man, forced to stop unlicensed funeral services
March 6 -- Haida Gwaii Funeral issues raised in Legislature on Thursday  NCR
March 5 -- No Funeral Director on Haida Gwaii
March 3 -- Residential School survivors attend emotional demolition ceremony 
March 3 -- U. S. investigates mystery of auklet deaths
March 3 -- Tsunami debris piling up on western shore
March 3 -- QC Mayor takes funeral fight to Victoria's door
March 3 -- Sandspit ambulance crisis far from fixed: Beldessi


February 26 -- Port Clements water safe to drink
February 24 -- Port Clements under boil-water advisory
February 16 -- New cell carrier aims for spring launch
February 16 -- Ferry schedule at odds with tourism season
February 16 -- Saints demand end to oil and gas sponsorship
February 13 -- Haida Gwaii hospital starting to take shape
February 12 -- Coastal First Nations says Eagle Spirit still a No-Go
February 7 -- The rise of Haida Gwaii's automated defibrillators
February 7 -- Stalled NaiKun wind project granted extension
February 7 -- School District boosts Sandspit transportation assistance


January 27 -- RCMP Service report
January 27 -- Taan Forest buys out Edwards contract
January 27 -- CHN threatens legal action over herring fishery
January 23 -- Fishermen's Union backs Haida Herring concerns
January 23 -- Council of Haida Nation takes Federal Government to court over Herring issues NCR
January 22 -- First Nations, union agree herring fishery should stay shut
January 17 -- Haida Gwaii says goodbye to CWY
January 16 -- Council of Haida Nations seeks stop to herring fishery off Haida Gwaii NCR
January 15 -- Herring issues for Haida Gwaii (video)
January 15 -- Haida Nation wants herring fishery closed by 2015: fishermen's union reacts (audio)
January 13 -- GitGa'at and Coastal First Nations launch Northern Gateway Court challenge

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