Monday, January 12, 2015

WCC LNG outlines Project development plans through website and Project Overview document

One of the large LNG proponents for the North Coast has introduced an increase in the flow of information regarding its project, as WCC LNG the Exxon/Mobil/Imperial Oil backed proposal for Tuck Inlet launched its project website recently.

It's an on line portal which provides an overview of the proposed terminal development (available here) providing background on Exxon/Mobil's world operations in LNG and offering up examination of some of the key discussion points for its Tuck Inlet project.

The website provides a brief overview of such items as the scope of the project, consideration of site for the terminal development and the concept proposed for it, as well as items related to environment, safety and community engagement.

As we outlined on the blog last week, Exxon/Mobil has started its Environmental Assessment process and towards that ongoing discussion, the company has released a comprehensive 95 page report, followed by a number of resource items in the appendix. A vast collection of material which expands on the background of the proposed WCC LNG Terminal development planned for Tuck Inlet. (available here)

That overview features much more in the way of depth regarding the proposed terminal project and delivers a range of studies, engagement reviews and other key aspects of their work to this point on the proposed development.

Included in the review are a number of tables, diagrams and detailed observations related to the Terminal project, with a key focus on the Environmental Assessment process moving forward.

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail offered up a review of the latest move from the International energy corporation, highlighting the potential number of jobs and projected financial commitment towards the project.

The Tuck Inlet project is perhaps the one LNG proposal that the City of Prince Rupert has the most interest in, tied in as it is to the recent work by Council regarding the parcel of land that is part of the Lot 444 area, a section of  eastern shore of Tuck Inlet that has been targeted by Exxon/Mobil for their development.

Should WCC LNG make a final investment decision, a process that is currently on a timeline for sometime in 2017, it would then be committing to a large scale investment on the North Coast.

Creating a up to 6,000 construction jobs through the life of the project, with permanent jobs numbering around 400 to follow.

For the City, the location of the Tuck limit Terminal would offer perhaps the best direct return to civic coffers of all the LNG proposals currently in the proposal phase. Delivering a boost to civic finances that would provide the resources to tackle some of the major infrastructure issues that  the City is currently dealing with.

You can review some of the history of that process from our archive page here.

There is more on the Exxon/Mobil project as it moves forward through 2015 available here.

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