Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending July 5, 2015

Friday's brush fire in Port Edward quickly proved to be the most popular item on the blog for the last seven days, as a large volume of readers followed along with our account of the efforts to bring the fire under control late into the evening.

The work of both the Port Edward and Prince Rupert Fire Departments and those of the BC Wildfire Service to contain the fire topped our listings by a huge margin this week, leaving items related to municipal and provincial politics well down the top five ranks over the last seven days.

Some news related to North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice attracted readers twice this week, with a growing volume of reviews of our notes on her thoughts on the upcoming Legislature discussions on the Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal proposal, as well as our examination of the latest information on salary and expenses released by the Legislature.

Our item this week on the ongoing push to hire on employees at the City of Prince Rupert also found an interested audience, as did our update on the work on the waterfront to contain a bunker fuel leak from an aging and abandoned pipe that had spread to the area near the Westview pellet terminal.

However when it comes to the main story of the week, our as it happened timeline of the events of Friday afternoon and evening found the largest audience in recent months, we start our review of the top five items at that point.

Port Edward Fire Rescue responding to major fire in the District  -- Water bombers, a helicopter, members of the BC Wildfire Service and the efforts of two fire departments in the region helped in knocking down a brush fire in the District on Friday   (posted July 3, 2015)

The notes from the ongoing investigation was followed by:

Jennifer Rice to take First nation engagement and environmental concerns into Legislature discussion on LNG -- A home mailer delivered to North Coast residents this week provided a bit of a glimpse into how the North Coast MLA plans to approach the upcoming debate in the Legislature on the Pacific Northwest LNG proposal (posted July 2, 2015)

Westview waterfront area location of containment efforts related to abandoned fuel pipe  --  Some background on the detection of a fuel leak from an old waterfront pipeline and the efforts from the Prince Rupert Port Authority to address the issue  (posted  June 29, 2015)

MLA's Salary and Expense information released by the Legislature    --  The British Columbia Legislature released the details of their review on MLA salaries and expenses for the last year, providing a look at how our MLA's spend on travel and constituency needs  (posted  July 3, 2015)

July brings more job opportunities with the City of Prince Rupert  -- An update on the current push to increase the civic work force by the City of Prince Rupert   (posted June 29, 2015 )

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