Thursday, September 8, 2016

City of Prince Rupert puts Airport Ferry Pontoon Replacement project out for bid

The City has put work on the Airport
Ferry pontoons out for tender
The need for a fast pace for replacement of the Airport Ferry Pontoon system has seen the project put out for bid as September gets underway, with the related documents for the project submitted by the City of Prince Rupert to the BC Bid process on August 31st.

The project which will see new pontoons fabricated and installed on the Fairview Side of the transportation link, will feature a four month timeline, with the work to be underway by October 10th of this year with the installation process complete by January 30th of 2017 at the latest.

Tenders for the work must be in the hands of City officials by September 26th.

The full documentation related to the Bid can be found from the BC Bid site, with five pages of instruction outlining the nature of the project and an explanation of the city's process of evaluation. 

Included in the material available for review are a number of diagrams outlining the specifications and mechanics of the pontoon system in place.

One of a number of diagrams as part of the request for bid documentation for
the City's Fairview Bay Airport Ferry Dock work this fall

The City noted the need for replacement of the Kaien Island Side of the Airport Ferry dock system earlier this year as part of a Special Council Session in late July.

Council noted at the time of the opportunity to make use of funding from the Canada 150 fund towards the cost of replacement the equipment which must be monitored daily.

As part of the report for Council on the theme, Richard Pucci, the Engineering Department's Director of Operations provided further background on the replacement project.

With the City now prepared to take bids on the project, you can examine all of the relevant information related to the Request for Bids process here.

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