Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mount Hays QuickClimb set for Saturday

The return of the popular ascent up Mount Hays is almost here, as organizers put the finishing touches on the 2016 version of the Mount Hays QuickClimb event which takes advantage of one of Prince Rupert's most stunning features and puts forward the challenge for those that wish to tackle the climb.

The prospect of the horizontal ascent may be daunting for many, but the community event is designed for both long time runners or casual participants, though testing yourself is certainly a key element for many who take to the climb up Mount Hays with a passion.

It also makes for a great family outing, combining a bit of exercise with the social events that bring the day to a close in the afternoon.

Pre-Registration has been taking place through August and into September and volunteers have been signing up to lend a hand with the QuickClimb organizers.

Beyond the duties required of the day of the climb, the Quickclimb team take to the mountain the day before to clear the pathway up and to make sure all is in order for the event.

You can register on line through the Quickclimb website. Sponsors for the event are Quickload and Prince Rupert's McElhanney office.

Registration on the day of the Climb will take place from 8 AM until 10 AM, Adults can register at a cost of 25 dollars while youngsters can join in on the climb for ten dollars.

It's anticipated that the first group of Quickclimbers will start their timed ascent of Mount Hays at 8:30, followed by group after group making their way up the Prince Rupert landmark.

The BBQ Station will start up its work on the day at 11:30 with the Prizes and various draws that bring the event to an end will take place starting at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Funds that are raised as part of Saturdays QuickClimb are put towards trail development and restoration around Kaien Island.

You can follow the countdown to QuickClimb through the Facebook page that has been created for Saturday's event.

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