Tuesday, September 6, 2016

School's Back in Session and changes mark the year ahead when it comes to the Secondary school curriculum

As students settle in for their first days of the new school year, the Ministry of Education has provided a preview of sorts for the year ahead, with a letter provided to all of the School Districts in the province highlighting some changes to the curriculum that teachers will deliver for 2016-17

In the letter Education Minister Mike Bernier outlines the path ahead for Parents and Guardians, reviewing the introduction of the new curriculum for K to Grade 9 that took place last year and then turning to the roll out of the program for Grades 10 to 12 that will take place this year.

With the start of the 2016-17 school year,
the new BC education curriculum will be introduced
to Grades 10 to 12

The Minister also provides some background to the graduation program this year, with Provincial Exams now only to be written in two core subjects between Grades 10 and 12, with attention directed towards literacy and math.

For Science and Social studies, rigorous class room based exams, assessments tests and projects will be used to measure student progress.

Once the school year is a little further along, the Ministry of Education will be seeking the feedback from parents and guardians when it comes to the progress of their children in the classroom, with a reach out process to take place later this fall.

You can review the full letter below (click to enlarge):

A complete overview of the new curriculum can be found from the British Columbia government website here.

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