Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Arctic Outflow Warning issued for North Coast

Yes, it really is that cold ... that can be your answer to the inevitable conversation topic through the day and you can call upon Environment Canada for your back up.

Canada's national weather service issued an Arctic Outflow Warning for the region at 10:52 this morning, advising that those living in the area be aware of the adverse weather conditions and to take the necessary safety precautions.

Original warning of 11 AM this morning was upgraded at 3:36 PM

While the temperatures may not seem that cold on the thermometer the wind will be the main cause for concern with the speed of 50 km/h today and up to 80 km/h for tomorrow making the wind chill effect that much more pronounced.

Update: The anticipated wind chll effect is now listed by Environment Canada as at -20 

One significant shift in the ongoing cold weather snap is that the snow first forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday is no longer to be of concern, with flurries now only a possibility for Saturday and Sunday.

However, the cold weather will remain with us past the weekend, with lows of -9 to -12 expected from Friday to Monday, which combined with an anticipated wind chill will make for potentially dangerous conditions.

Those cold temperatures will put some of Prince Rupert's most vulnerable residents at risk, something which will be of concern for emergency service personnel as they work the streets over the next week.

You can find updates on the Weather Warning from the Environment Canada website

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