Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blog Watching: Week ending December 4, 2016

Municipal affairs was by far the area which attracted the most attention this week. With a large volume of readers reviewing our look at Monday's City Council session and the comments delivered by the public related to a controversial motion for Council on Pacific NorthWest LNG.

Also of note this week, our Friday item about One of the city's largest employers and how it became the focus of some major international news this week. That as DP World, the operators of the Fairview Container terminal announced a new partnership and investment vehicle with a major Quebec based pension fund.

The growth of the Cow Bay district was once again making news in the community, as Kaien Business Essentials migrated from it's five corners location to an area just up the hill from the Atlin Terminal, our notes on the shift east proved to be a popular item on the week.

Quite a few readers found some interest in news on the North coast employment front. With the Canadian Coast Guard recently launching a recruitment drive for the Prince Rupert Communication Centre, highlighting their interest in attracting members from area First Nations and coastal communities.

Federal politics also proved popular on the week, with electoral reform making for one of the main themes out of Ottawa over the last seven days. We took a look at the comments of MP Nathan Cullen, who served on the Electoral reform committee and spoke in the House of Commons to his frustration at how the Federal Government has responded to their work,

However, the top story of the week takes us back to Monday night at City Hall, where the City's council members heard some strong messages from those in attendance, who spoke to the theme of Council's Pacific NorthWest discussions of two weeks ago.

City Council's 'LNG conditions Wars' ... The Business Empire Strikes Back! -- City Council turned the microphone over to the public on Monday, with ten residents, including a number from the business community weighing in on Council's proposed motion related to Pacific NorthWest LNG (posted December 1, 2016)

That article was followed by:

Quebec based pension fund takes 45% share of DP World's Canadian Operations -- The DP World organization, which operates the city's Fairview Terminal has taken on a significant share of ownership from a Quebec based pension fund   (posted December 2, 2016)

Another local business makes the Cow Bay Shift -- The shift towards the eastern side of the downtown area continues to evolve, as Kaien Business Essentials becomes the latest of Prince Rupert businesses to put it's footprint into the Cow Bay Shopping District.   (posted November 30, 2016)

Canadian Coast Guard embarks on recruitment drive on North Coast -- A focus on First Nations and coastal community recruitment is the direction that the Canadian Coast Guard is taking with its latest call for applications for positions at Prince Rupert's Communication Centre.   ( posted November 28, 2016)

MP Nathan Cullen shows frustration with Liberal's approach to electoral reform -- After a summer and fall of consultation across the country, the prospect of electoral reform in Ottawa appears to be in a state of limbo, with the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley expressing his frustrations in the  House of Commons. (posted November 29, 2016)

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