Friday, February 3, 2017

Aurora LNG to make presentation to Council Monday evening

While residents of Dodge Cove have had a back door window to some of the preliminary work taking place on the proposed Aurora LNG terminal, for the rest of us, the dispatches have been few as to where the project stands heading into 2017.

 However it seems that the information sharing process is about move forward with a quicker pace, with a pair of opportunities to learn more about the project on the horizon during the course of the next week.

In January we noted that the Aurora LNG project will be the subject of an Open House hosted by the Environmental Assessment Office, taking place on Wednesday, February 8th at the Moose Hall.

The Open house is designed to provide more background information related to the current process that Aurora is in to seek its Application to obtain an Environmental Assessment Certificate. The Moose Hall event allows residents to learn more about the project and ask questions related to the assessment process that is underway.

Another opportunity for an update however comes up this Monday evening, when Andrew Hamilton and Jason Gouw of Aurora LNG appear at Prince Rupert City Council's regular council session.

Mr. Hamilton the General Manager for Aurora on the North Coast and Mr. Gouw the Manager for Community Consultation and Aboriginal Relations will provide a Project overview for the city's elected officials, as well as for those in the public gallery, or watching at home on CityWest's cable 10 and Internet streaming options.

It's likely that the information delivered on Monday, won't be much different from some of what will be available through the Open House later in the week. But with an appearance at the public council session, the two Aurora officials will be able to receive questions from the Mayor and City Council members, making for an opportunity to provide some background on what impact the proposed development will have on the community.

The theme of the Aurora LNG project came up at a December Regional District session, during a presentation to that government body some of the District representatives, including Mayor Lee Brain representing Prince Rupert, had a number of questions and observations related to the proposed development for the LNG company officials.

During the course of that Aurora presentation a few of Regional District officials challenged the company when it comes to haw they have engaged with officials when it comes to community concerns.

Aurora LNG is currently in the midst of its application to obtain an Environmental Assessment Certificate, which is required before any work ban be undertaken related to the proposed project.

The 52 day comment period started on January 16th and will come to an end on March 9, 2017.

You can learn more about the process and submit your comments on the proposed project through the EAO's Aurora LNG page.

A look at some of the comments delivered to this point can be found here.

You can review some of our notes on the proposed development from our archive page here.

More items of note from Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our Council archive page.

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