Thursday, August 3, 2017

Closing Date for Port Edward Sewer and waterline replacement bids fast approaching

Rebuilding Port Edward's sewer infrastructure will move into high gear next week as the closing date for bids for the district's replacement program arrives.

Extended from its previous deadline of mid-July, the August 9th close has offered potential contractors a chance to review some of the expanded requirements and changing terms for the project.

Once the bids are in, Port Edward officials will review the applications for the work and make their decision as to how they wish to move forward with the project.

The rebuild of some of the District's Sanitary and Stormwater infrastructure will see the replacement of about 330 metres of storm sewer piping, as well as 300 metres of sanitary sewer in seven separate locations around the Community.

The Port Edward work comes as part of recent funding arrangements through Federal/Provincial agreements.

You can review the full background for the Port Edward project from the Bid BC website.

One other large scale infrastructure project for the community may soon be on the back burner however.

In a recent letter to residents related to the cancellation of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, Mayor Dave MacDonald noted that planing for construction of the Wampler Way bypass road will continue, but that the road may not become a reality until a future date.

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