Wednesday, December 6, 2017

City of Prince Rupert re-opens Request for Proposal process for Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment program

A review of the tsunami risk
for the Prince Rupert area
is part of a Request for Bids
posted on a provincial bid site
The City of Prince Rupert has returned to its plans to develop a Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment process, once again seeking applications from qualified proponents to deliver a comprehensive review of the potential threat levels that could be posed by any seismic event resulting in a Tsunami along the North Coast approaches to Prince Rupert.

The project will offer consultation services for the City of Prince Rupert and co-stakeholder Metlakatla First Nation, with a range of expectations included as part of the Bid package which was returned to the listtings on the BC Bid website as of November 30th.

The latest request for proposals comes following a previous posting on the provincial site of September.

The Purpose of the Report features eight elements related to the potential risks for the two communities and to outline the steps that could be put in place to address them:

Analyze data specific to the geography of the region to determine the potential levels of inundation and tidal velocities during a high water event in the assessment area; 

Indicate the level of hazard in the assessment area and the potential risks to affected communities; 

Identify areas in which the risk tolerance is unacceptable, and form the basis for mitigative actions in the future; 

Identify key infrastructure which is likely to be affected; 

Identify and inform emergency response program development; 

Support the detail in the Risk Assessment Information Template (RAIT) assisting all levels of government in making more informed decisions; 

Educate the public regarding their risk and the steps to be taken in case of emergency

Among some of the services to be provided should an applicant find success with their bid are:

Provision of a detailed scope of work, schedule, budget, and deliverables; 

Production of a computer modelling of inundation scenarios for the Project Area; 

Creation of a comprehensive Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment report indicating the level of hazard and potential risks within the Project Area; 

Creation of a tsunami inundation map, vulnerability map, and hazard map for the Project Area; 

Report of recommendations for updates to the City of Prince Rupert Emergency Response Plan (2016) and municipal evacuation procedures that reflect the findings of the Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment; 

Completion of the Risk Assessment Information Template (RAIT) for provision to Emergency Management BC (EMBC);

Delivery of project deliverables to schedule and budget; 

Presentation of the final Risk Assessment Report to Prince Rupert City Council;

The Deadline for those with the experience to provide such a report is 2 PM on December 14th, with applications to be directed to Fire Chief Dave McKenzie.

The timeline for the successful applicant is as follows:

As we noted on the blog back September the City originally had outlined its plans to move forward with the Tsunami Risk Assessment project by October,  the new timeline would see that work now begin sometime in January.

You can review the full request for Proposals related to the project from the BC Bid Website.

For more items related to Emergency Response issues in the Northwest see our archive page here, further background on City of Prince Rupert initiatives can be found on our Council Discussion page.

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