Friday, March 9, 2018

And now a passage from Lovecraft, today's reading from MLA Rice

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice shared some news Wednesday of the plans
of the Ocean Networks Canada on seismic warning programs

The theme of seismic monitoring gained an interesting approach on Wednesday as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, wearing the hat of Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness provided an update on some plans from the Ocean Networks Canada organization.

The MLA provided a quote from the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft to set the scene for her review of the work of the Ocean Networks Canada based out of the University of Victoria, and which is currently engaged in an underwater monitoring program that could add to the province's warning process when it comes to earthquakes and tsunami awareness.

Ms. Rice outlined how the province, through Emergency Management BC will be providing for a five million dollar investment into a new system that could soon serve as an earthquake early warning system

You can review her presentation on the work of the Ocean Network Canada  below:

A wider overview of the work of Ocean Networks Canada can be found here.

For more items related to the North Coast MLA"s work in Victoria see our archive page here.

Notes on seismic activity along the British Columbia coast and Alaska panhandle can be reviewed here.

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