Thursday, March 1, 2018

North Coast hit by forty five minute power outage Thursday

Hydro meters came to a sudden stop Thursday
as the North coast was struck by a forty five minute power outage

Update: BC Hydro is reporting that an avalanche was responsible for today's power outage, Prince Rupert and area will be powered by a gas generator system at the Prince Rupert plant, while BC Hydro assesses it's next moves related to the hydro lines and the avalanche site between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

The avalanche was recorded 45 kilometres west of Terrace.


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For many Prince Rupert residents it was a case of cold sandwiches and perhaps some cold soup over the lunch hour as power was interrupted for about forty five minutes on Thursday.

From the West side, through the Downtown area an onto the West side of the city and beyond to Port Edward, the hum of electronic devices was silenced as BC Hydro suffered a transmission circuit failure shortly after 12:15 PM.

The effect for the most part to bring much of the retail services in the community to a standstill as computer systems and credit and debit card transactions shut out during the outage.

As the black out rolled through the noon hour, BC Hydro's list of trouble areas grew quickly, with
a number of the outage areas archived as part of their restored services files.

The list of restored power outages as of 1 PM after a noon hour
power interruption on the North Coast

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Power was restored to much of the city by 1 PM. Other than the notes on transmission circuit issues, BC Hydro has not added to their information page on the BC Hydro website.

For a look at other notes related to BC Hydro service in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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