Monday, March 5, 2018

Social Innovation the theme for Eco Trust's Prince Rupert presentation March 8th at NWCC

Quick off the success of a Vancouver conference on the fishery and its impact on coastal communities, Eco Trust Canada's Prince Rupert office will be hosting their own information sharing exercise this week.

With the organization set to explore a number of areas on social innovation this Thursday evening, March 8th with the event taking place at Northwest Community College.

The program will feature a number of presentations and a follow up discussion, with some of the focus designed to highlight the work of Ecotrust's North Coast Innovation Lab, which is led by Nathan Randall.

The Ecotrust session is planned for Thursday from 7 to 9 PM at NWCC and among some of the material up for review will be the findings  of the NCIL's community interviews, as well as to explore some of the commentary they received.

From those findings, participants will explore how they could be put to use as part of possible projects and initiatives that the organization could support in the region.

Kiri Bird who is part of the team in Vancouver that runs the Local Economic Development Lab, with a look at how that lab works and what initiatives it delivers in the Greater Vancouver area.

Professor Ken Shaw from NWCC will also be part of the presentation group, providing some background  on a new academic program around sustainable community building and its relevance to Prince Rupert

Devlin Fernandes, EcoTrust's Program Coordinator in Prince Rupert will be participating in the evening's session as well and will be available to share ideas and comments from those in the audience with questions about the work of EcoTrust on the North Coast.

Some notes on their past work can be reviewed below:

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More on what Ecotrust is all about can be found here.

If you want more information related to Thursday's even or their work on the North Coast contact Ecotrust at 250-624-4191

Items of interest on potential areas of innovation can be found below

Commercial sector
Fishing Industry
Sustainable City initiatives

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