Wednesday, April 4, 2018

City of Prince Rupert seeks applicants for Airport Authority Board, Business Advisory Council

It appears to be Spring recruiting season for the City of Prince Rupert, with yet more volunteer positions now available for residents to apply for.

Last week we made note of some openings on the City's Recreation Commission, today we offer up a look at a pair of additional opportunities for Prince Rupert residents to offer their time and talents towards.

The First is the Airport Authority Board, which currently has three positions available, starting immediately.

The Second is looking to fill one opening on the Business Advisory Council, with duties also set to start immediately.

Much like the Recreation Commission notice, the opportunities for would be applicants was first delivered through the back pages of the weekly newspaper.

A follow up notice for the Recreation commission eventually appeared on the City website, but so far, neither the Airport Board or Business Advisory council positions have been added to the list.

The often overlooked civic website could have been used to provide for some background information on the board and council, for residents looking to submit their names for the positions.

The lack of such information from the City on the positions they seek membership for, is something that always seems to be missing when it comes to these calls for community engagement.

When it comes to the duties of the Airport Authority Board, much of their work seems to fly under the radar so to speak, with few items offered up by the City related to the work of the Board.

In a similar fashion, the YPR website makes little mention of the Board and its work on aviation issues on the North Coast.

As well, the call for participation by residents has not been a feature of the city's online presence through its Facebook page, or through the Mayor's frequently updated  Civic Facebook page which often makes note of items related to civic matters.

Changes to the Airport Board last year proved to make for some controversy at the time, as the City introduced three civic representatives to the Board through appointment, a change in direction which was explained in April of 2017 as follows:

"These changes were made to improve communication and organizational coherence between the airport, and the ferry and bus service that brings passengers tot he airport"  

"Disconnection in the chain of transportation services has caused multiple logistical issues over the years, including lengthy delays at the Airport and a lack of communication between all three providers. We saw these appointments as a way to close this communication gap"

Some notes from that time can be reviewed below:

Change to the Airport Board make-up takes to the letters pages

City changes direction for airport oversight; with four new members named to Prince Rupert Airport Authority

The call for applicants would seem to indicate that the term of service for the remaining members of the board from 2017 has come to an end.

As it is, anyone looking for more information on any of the Boards and Societies that currently have openings are asked to contact the Corporate Administration Office at 250-627-0934 or by email at

Those wishing to submit their application for any of the volunteer positions must do so by this Friday at 4PM, with a written description of your skills and experiences to be included with your resume or letter of interest.

You can drop it off at City Hall on Third Avenue West, or address it to:

Corporate Administration Office
2nd Floor, City Hall
424- 3rd Avenue West

or by email

Some community background on issues related to the Airport and Small Business can be explored from our archive pages below:

Air Transportation in the Northwest
Commercial Sector Developments across the Northwest

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