Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Final days for public engagement with Province on topic of ICBC Rate Fairness

British Columbians who make use of ICBC services in the province have one more day to weigh in on the topic of Rate Fairness, as the Province puts the wrap on its one month consultation process on how to make auto insurance rates more fair.

The conversation on ICBC began on March 5th and the online consultation option comes to an end at 4 PM on Thursday, April 5th.

Those looking to participate can do so through an online questionnaire that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, you can access it here.

You can also submit your contribution by way of email or mail.

Email: Private citizens may also submit their thoughts by email to

In order to protect privacy and the personal stories that some citizens may want to share with government privately, private citizen submissions will not be posted to this site unless requested by the submitter. Private citizens’ emails must also meet the following criteria (see here) in order to be posted publicly.

Mail: Private citizens may also submit their thoughts or a hard copy of the questionnaire by mail to: 

Citizen Engagement re: ICBC public engagement 
4th Floor – 617 Government Street 
PO Box 9409 
Stn Prov Govt 
Victoria, BC V8W 9V1

If you belong to an organization or have some background on the theme of insurance rates and policy you can also submit your feedback through these options

So far, the provincial engagement project has seen close to 60,000 site visits, with 29,386 questionnaires completed and almost 400 submissions received.

Attorney General David Eby makes note of how the engagement process will assist the province in making the insurance system fairer for all users.

“This important engagement asks people about changes that could make high-risk drivers pay more, and low-risk drivers pay less,”  ... “We have options about how we can make the system more fair, and I appreciate that so many British Columbians are sharing their opinions that will help shape ICBC for the future.”

Once tomorrows deadline for submissions passes, the province will compile its report that will highlight the findings, with plans to post the document to the provincial website in the weeks ahead.

More background on the final day for engagement on the topic can be found here.

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