Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Doug Kerr Field work continues on towards a return for youth use

Work continues at a quick pace to return Doug Kerr Field to use
as a youth sports field for the community

The early prep work  for the Doug Kerr Field rehabilitation project has moved forward in a fairly quick frame of time, with the field quickly taking shape as a sports field once again, with city crews taking to their task through the last three weeks.

The former field was removed in the mid part of March, with the original turf taken away leaving an earthen base, last week the sod for the new field began to be set up for placement with pile up on pile of the strips of turf assembled across the play area awaiting installation.

After having used the field as an unofficial dog walk for a number of years, the city's dogs and their owners were banished from the old ball field in the middle of March, as the City announced its plans to return the Civic Centre field to its original purpose to serve youth sports in the community.

The Dog owners for now have been re-directed to McClymont Park across McBride Street, with hopes that a new linear dog park will be in place later this year at the new McKay Street Park site on the west side of the city.

The pace of that project will depend on the ability of organizers to raise enough funds to move the plans forward towards the fall.

Standing in the on deck position, bales of fresh sod to be placed
 on the newly refreshed base for the Doug Kerr Field at the Civic Centre
(click to enlarge)

The evolving process towards a rehabilitated ball field should move forward through the middle portion of this month and with a bit of weather luck and some time to settle, the field could be in use  by local youth sports teams as soon as the warmer weather arrives in the late Spring or early summer.

More notes of interest from Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our Council Discussion Archive page.

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