Wednesday, April 4, 2018

High Ground Hike one area of preparation as part of Tsunami Awareness Week -- April 9 to 13

The Province's Emergency Preparedness program is reminding British Columbians that the second week of April is our chance to develop our plans for preparation for emergency situations, with next week time for the annual Tsunami Preparedness Week.

Towards that awareness, Emergency Preparedness is looking to build some momentum and see increased participation towards a project called the High Ground Hike.

The first Annual High Ground Hike took place in Tofino in 2016 and the Emergency Preparedness program is hoping that the concept spreads to other communities this year.

Officials will be hoping that this year will provide for some planning and dialogue in those ares of British Columbia that could face danger from seismic activity and tsunami risk.

The theme of the High Ground Hike is that of how to prepare for tsunami risk and is explored by way of a range of material from Emergency Preparedness Management.

Much of what they offer provides for a helpful guide for participants to use in the planning of their own hike, whether it takes place as an office project, family plan or school based initiative.

A brochure from Emergency Preparedness BC to help residents
of the province prepare for their own High Ground Hike
as part of an awareness campaign for Tsunami preparation

(click to enlarge)

The full outline to Tsunami Preparedness Week, along with other helpful links to further information on the project can be found here.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness has also provided for some social media exposure for the initiative, taking to her twitter feed in recent days with updates on the preparations, along with other hints on now to be prepared for emergency situations.

The most recent incident that affected the North Coast came in January of this year, following a strong earthquake off of Kodiak, Alaska.

That seismic event (which still delivers aftershocks to this day) resulted in a Tsunami warning being issued for the entire Alaska and British Columbia coast and provided for some lengthy discussion points for the MLA and Prince Rupert City Council in the review of the event in the days that followed.

February 2 -- Tsunami 101 with MLA Rice
January 31 -- Council's Tsunami Alert Review: One part history lesson, one part look to the future
January 24 -- After Tuesday's Alaska quake: Seismic aftershocks continue in Kodiak, while political aftershocks continue to rumble across the North Coast
January 23--  Tuesday morning Tsunami Warning may spur on calls for better public alert system for Prince Rupert
January 23 -- Overnight 7.9 magnitude quake in Gulf of Alaska briefly put Coastal BC under Tsunami alert

For more items related to the work of the North Coast MLA in Victoria see our archive page here.

Items of note related to seismic events and preparations for such events can be found here.

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