Friday, April 6, 2018

Metlakatla and North Co-Op Ferry Fare Increases now in effect

Marine Transportation users along the coastal region of the North Coast
found a slight increase in fares as April arrived

The price of travel through the Metlakatla Ferry Service received a small bump upwards this month, with the Service which connects the community with Prince Rupert making for a slight increase in the price of transit.

The fifteen minute journey now costs Seven Dollars for adults (12-64) , while children (5-11) and seniors (65 plus) pay four dollars.

The service operates from the Metlakatla Community Dock, to a location just behind the Museum of Northern British Columbia situated at the far end of the shoreline that travels west of the Northland Cruise Terminal.

You can find out more details about the service here.

A link to the Ferry Service schedule is available here.

The North Co-Op service that serves Hartley Bay, Kitktaktla, Oona River and Metlakatla has also seen price increases put into effect this month.

The range in the increase depending on which community you are travelling to or from, the latest rates are available here.

The 2018 Schedule can be examined here.

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