Thursday, April 5, 2018

Snow Begone, the links are open as Prince Rupert Golf Course opens for 2018

While Tuesday delivered a bit of a surprise for local golfers with a rather sudden return to winter, as the warmer weather comes along this  month, more and more residents of the North Coast, along with visitors to the region will be taking to the Prince Rupert Golf Course anxious to shake off some of that rust from the off season from the golfing adventures.

Officially, the Golf Course opened over the weekend, the first notice of Golf Season coming by way of the Club's Facebook page, which highlighted the Course's opening day of March 30th.

To reacquaint yourself to the challenges of the eighteen hole course, or discover them for the first time, you can explore the Course's tip sheet here.

Along with the opening to the season, comes a few job opportunities for those who enjoy outdoor work, a number of positions are listed with the Golf Course for the 2018 season, all of them part of a union contract with CUPE Local 105-05 you can contact Peter Drake at the 9th Avenue West facility for more details.

As the summer months arrive, so to will the annual tournament schedule for the Prince Rupert Course, with details on dates yet to be announced by Club officials.

To book a tee time call 250-624-2000 Extension 1

If yo would like to inquire about what's available in the pro shop and other aspects of the Golf Course Operations see this contact page

You can keep up to date on events at the Course from the Prince Rupert Golf Course website and Facebook page.

More notes on the Golf season across the Northwest can be reviewed from our archive page.

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