Thursday, April 5, 2018

Northcoast Ecology Centre to host Citywide scavenger hunt April 11 to 15

Prince Rupert's amateur detectives will be put to the test next week as the North Coast Ecology Centre sends us out, cameras in hand, on a five day Scavenger Hunt.

The event which is part of next weekend's Whale Festival will see a map and copy of the rules for the Hunt posted on the morning of April 11th and from that point let the photos roll in.

Once it's underway, participants will take to the streets of the city to explore the areas marked and capture the required images by way of camera, all in the quest for some pretty impressive prizes.

The actual hunt is not one that will take five days to complete, but that amount of time will allow for a leisurely pace for you and your family or friends to take in the event that will chronicle some of the unique suggestions from the list.

Those that take part will have a chance to win Two Adult Whale Watching Tour Tickets; the reward for your stellar sleuthing abilities. 

As well there will be Four Vancouver Aquarium passes in the mix as part of the prize structure for participation in the event.

The only requirement for those that are ready to explore is that you have a camera, or camera phone to capture each of the items on the list.

The Scavenger Hunt will take place from 10 until 4 each day, with submissions to be made at the Whale Festival at the North Coast Convention Centre on the 14th. 

Or through Instagram (using #whalesofrupert) or by email at

Some of the funding for the event has come through a donation by DP World, the operator of the Fairview Container Terminal.

You can learn more about the Scavenger Hunt project from the Facebook page that has been created for it.

As we outlined on the blog last month, the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network is hosting the Family Friendly Whale Festival on April 14th from 10 until 4 PM at the North Coast Convention Centre, with a variety of events, games and activities for everyone in the family.

More on that event is available here.

You can explore the work of the North Coast Ecology Centre from their Facebook page

For more items of note from around the community see our Community Events Archive page.

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