Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Guidance on second COVID shots leaving Prince Rupert residents somewhat confused

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With the mass vaccination clinic of March in Prince Rupert paying sone significant dividends in a reduced footprint of COVID in the community, many residents are already seeking some information from Northern Health on when the second dose of the program will take place in the region.

And for many, the lack of a clear and definitive timeline is sowing a bit of confusion, something which can be reviewed through the Northern Health Facebook page for Prince Rupert, where a number of posts have asked about a registration program for the second shot.

The largest amount of confusion is related to the current push for British Columbians to register for their first dose, as the BC vaccination program expands across the province.

Locally more than a few residents have indicated that a second dose registration process is underway, though evidence of such a call isn't very clear from Northern Health's information stream.

The most recent notes from Northern health for Prince Rupert suggest that more information will be coming for this are as to when it will be time to book an appointment for a second dose.

A pair of advisories from Northern Health from May 3rd

While they clearly have their hands full dealing with COVID across the region, the officials at Northern Health might want to take a few moments to reduce some of the confusion and launch an proper information  campaign in the community to set the record straight on the topic of the second dose plans.

Their Social media platform for Prince Rupert has been a welcome addition to the dialogue, however as is the case with Social media, sometimes the original message of importance gets lost among the chatter and additional commentary from those seeking more details and offering their own comments.

For those that did not take part in the mass vaccination clinic, you can still receive your first dose, with Northern Health outlining how to access it.

For those who were unable to attend due to illness or otherwise, you can have your name added to a waitlist for your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by calling the Prince Rupert Public Health Unit at 250-622-6380. 


Update: The latest guidance on the vaccination registration theme is as follows:

If you registered on the province’s Get Vaccinated website, you will be automatically notified. 

If you received dose 1 before the registration system was available, starting May 1, you will be able register. 

You will then get a notification when you are eligible to book your second dose.  -Robbie, NH Communications

More notes on Northern Health can be explored here.

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