Tuesday, March 12, 2024

As the City of Prince Rupert's infrastructure plans begin to ramp up, so too is the hiring call from City Hall

Just days after the confirmation of success in accessing Federal funding of 77.2 million dollars for infrastructure work in Prince Rupert, the City has moved quickly to assemble another component of the City Hall team towards the projects ahead.

The latest career opportunity was released by the City of Prince Rupert on Monday, the job posting noting of the major work ahead on civic infrastructure as part of their theme of recruitment.

The position is for the Development Services Department, which is seeking the services of a Development Engineering Specialist.

Salary range for the full time,  union exempt post is $75,582-$92,820. 

The deadline for interested applicants to submit their resumes is March 25th.

The prospectus for the position can be reviewed here.

Related to civic infrastructure needs is a still to be filled hiring call from the Fall, with the City of Prince Rupert still listing a pair of posts for Engineering Technologists in the Operations Department.

The prospectus for the position can be reviewed here.

A look at some of the past hiring calls from the City of Prince Rupert can be explored here.

More notes on the major infrastructure renewal ahead is available here

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  1. Has the city considered hiring a more seasoned construction manager with a background in these projects. While maybe more money then the city wants to pay, the right hire will save money from expertise gathered from their years of experience.

    I look at the work done in my Crestview area and have not been impressed.