Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Health Minister Adrian Dix comes to Prince Rupert to explore Hospital issues

Health Minister Adrian Dix and MLA Jennifer Rice at
Prince Rupert Regional Hospital today

(from MLA's FB page)

The Prince Rumour mill had Adrian Dix sightings going all day long and by late afternoon Tuesday, an official sighting was finally confirmed; that by North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, who highlighted the Minister of Health's visit to the community.

In her social media post, which included the photo opportunity noted atop the page, Ms. Rice outlined some of the focus for Minister Dix's time in Prince  Rupert.

Though her social media outreach provided for few details as to the nature of those conversations, or if anything coming out of them would alleviate the current string of ER Closures.

The missive from the MLA advising that more information for the community was to come in the days ahead.

Since Friday, March 15th the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital Emergency Room has been closed overnight to the public for seven  of twelve nights through to last evening.

A look back at those closers can be reviewed here.

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  1. Isn't amazing how a little media coverage creates a sense of urgency?

    NHA was trying to cover numerous shifts in February. If it was like that before spring break, the closures were inevitable.

    The communication and escalation between all stakeholders needs to be better in order to ensure these closures do not become common place.