Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Staircase access/turn around area closed for Overlook residents for two weeks, at least owing to watermain work

The Area of note for residents of Overlook street where the work is 
set to take place by City of Prince Rupert crews

(image from Google maps)

Some remedial work on the city's watermains will leave resident without the use of the stairs  between Overlook to Rushbrook above for at least two weeks or more.

(image from Google maps)

That advisory was issued by the City of Prince Rupert this morning through their social media stream

The City noting that the closure included both the staircase and the vehicle turn around at the far east end of the road.


More notes related to the work of the Operations Department can be reviewed through our archive page


  1. The notice says it all. It is the plus time factor that makes life tough in Rupert. I bet it will be 4 weeks. Any takers?

  2. Life is tough in Rupert. Maybe they should just leave the infrastructure alone for another 50 years in that area. Hate to inconvenience the locals for 2, or heck, 3 more weeks. They probably don’t want new water mains, curbs, gutters, and pavement. Let’s just give the $77 million back. Definitely can’t add 5 more minutes to a routine commute. Been walking the same path for 30 years. I’m not going to be inconvenienced!
    SMH! Short term pain, long term gain.

    1. The bitch I have is the city tears stuff up and gives no thought to pedestrians. Sidewalks are ripped up there is no consideration given for wheelchairs, baby carriages and others with mobility challenges. Bus stops become impossible to get to for some.
      Someone should be paying attention to this. Sometimes it as simple as a plywood ramp.
      Recently there has been know thought aside from a road closed sign.
      Management should be inspecting these jobs.