Thursday, March 21, 2024

Down comes the Angus … as City's remediation program moves along

The Second Avenue street front has seen a change
as the much anticipated demolition work on the Angus
Apartments in underway

Today marked yet another step forward for the City of Prince Rupert remediation of eyesore buildings program, with much of the Angus Apartment now settled into a heap of rubble stretching from Second West  all the way back to Park Street.

The Marshmallow wrap is gone as is the Angus Apartments
following demotion work today

Crews have been busy all day today knocking down the last walls of the building that was long on the action list for Prince Rupert City Council. The worksite quite a busy place with activity taking place from directions.

Once the land on the site is cleared, the City will have some decisions to make as to its future, the City purchased the land out of Tax Sale as part of their remediation plan last year.

Some past notes on the history of the work towards todays demolition can be reviewed below:

With the work on the Angus building today, the most prominent distressed properties have now been attended to, with previous work by the city on the Belmont structure and the owners of the old Empress taking down that structure previous.

The list for action however continues to evolve, most recently with more additions announced  from recent Council sessions. 

More notes from City Council can be explored through our archive page.


  1. Good riddance! Let’s hope more of this continues. There are derelict buildings everywhere. Enough is enough!

  2. I hope council doesn’t heap praise on the administration at the next meeting. I think it has been a couple of years now. Praise would be due if this was done maybe 6 months after the fire.

  3. Twenty years ago people down south called Rupert "Beirut of the north" it's only getting worse, soon there will be nothing left. Any wonder why nobody wants to live here, they just fly in fly out for work