Wednesday, March 20, 2024

City of Prince Rupert issues official statement on recent ER closures

Update: Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond has also provided for a short note posted to his special media stream today.

As well North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice also made comment on the situation in Prince Rupert.

********************************Original Story********************************

Prince Rupert City Hall has provided for the first 'official' comment on the recent string of four Emergency Room closures at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, with the city's Corporate and Legislative Services Officer providing for the commentary from civic leadership.

In an information release issued  just after 10:30 AM, Rosa Miller noted of the City's concern and empathy for the community for those who have been impacted by the closures. 

Mx. Miller  also  reinforces the City's plans to engage with community stakeholders in April on the issue of health concerns.

The plan moving forward towards that engagement with Stakeholders was outlined at the March 11th City Council session.

The statement released through the City's Social Media stream, is shaping up as somewhat of a focus group on the issue of Health Care in the community.

More notes on the recent closures of the ER can be reviewed through our archive page.

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  1. Rosa needs to get a proofreader.

    1. Yes, they did correct the original version later in the day, removing the curious reference on water infrastructure