Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Federal Liberals pack some pension parachutes ... just in case

When is a fixed election date, not a fixed date?  

When it seems likely that more than a few Members of Parliament may not make it to the finish line to qualify for an MP's pension.

The Federal Liberal government recently introduced a bill, C-65 to make a few changes when it comes to the 2025 election set for the fall next year. 

The details to the revised measures which were introduced last Wednesday can be reviewed here.

Of the proposed changes to the Elections Act currently working their way through Parliament, one would expand the days for advance voting, with another to make for an easier process for mail-in ballots in the lead up to the current date of October 20th.

One measure however is gaining some attention, that of the fixed election date that is in place.

The Liberals don't seem inclined to keep that date, with the change to the Act also to move the date of the Election to October 27th, one week later.

That additional time will also allow more than 80 MP's to qualify for their Member of Parliament Pension plan, probably a relief for them we imagine,  should the voters decide their time on Parliament Hill is done.

Among those set to qualify for the pension plan with that additional week will be Skeen-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Taylor Bachrach.

The Vancouver Sun listed the full number of those MP's that would make it past the post with the new date. 

It features a collective that in addition to the MPs on the  Government side of the House,  also includes NDP and Bloc Quebecois members,  as well as a significant number of Conservative moments  

Though, Considering the latest polling data towards our rendezvous with democracy in 2025. 

The Conservative members may want to consider voting against the extension, as the current trends suggest that they will have no problems making it to the next Parliament where they would qualify for their pensions under the current time parameters.

The same perhaps can't be said for the Liberals, NDP or Bloc  members who may not find success when they hit the campaign trail in 2025.

Should the Conservatives choose to vote against the change to the Fixed Election Date, the focus then would shift to the other parties and the perception of their Members packing a parachute for what may come for the fall of 2025.

The progress of Bill C-65 is at second reading at the moment, you can follow its progress and learn when it will be up for debate once again through the House of Commons information page.

More notes from the House of Commons can be reviewed here.

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  1. 80 MP’s
    $30K annual average pension per year
    $2.4 million a year hit to taxpayers.
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